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April 21st, 2014

So you’re sticking to Windows XP? Here’s how to protect yourself.

It’s the end of Microsoft support, not the end of the world.

AVAST continues to protect Windows XP users.

Abandoned, rusting and full of holes.

For more than a year, Microsoft informed and reminded users to upgrade from Windows XP before their support expired. They warned users that they would be subject to “zero-day” threats forever more. But, even with all that, nearly 30 percent of internet-connected PCs continue to run Windows XP.

We asked our own users, and about 47 million of you stated that you are going to stay with your Windows XP operating system, despite the fact that Microsoft has pulled the plug on updates and support for the aging OS.

Alrighty, then. What now? How do you protect yourself against the coming threats?

Tips to keep yourself protected while still hanging on to Windows XP.

  • Buy a new computer as soon as you can. You can’t escape that one day that will be your only choice. So throw your left-over coins in a jar to start a new PC fund.
  • Clean up your old computer. If you want to keep the old laptop running as long as possible, then clean out the clutter and bloat that slowed it down over the years. avast! GrimeFighter is way cheaper than a new PC, and can breathe new life into your old one.
  • Upgrade the software that you have, but make sure it works with your system (remember, Windows XP is old, and software has moved on.) Make sure to apply any patches to the software you are using to avoid vulnerabilities. avast! Software Updater can help you with that.
  • Ditch Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and use a browser that offers the most advanced security and support. We suggest Google Chrome. They will continue supporting Windows XP until at least April 2015.
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated. You don’t have to buy an expensive suite – avast! Free Antivirus works just fine, and we pledge to support Windows XP users for the next 3 years.
  • If you don’t need it, lose it.  Remove insecure software that you don’t use, like the Java browser plug-in.
  • Get offline or stay away as often as you can. If you’re disconnected from the network, the cybercrooks can’t find you. And you can be guaranteed they’ll be looking.

AVAST has got your back

AVAST’s COO, Ondrej Vlcek, explained about the dangers of staying with Windows XP in Another Data Breach Crisis Looms as Microsoft’s D-Day for XP Forces Security Scramble, but he also had some good news for users hanging on.

AVAST is devoted to protecting the PC ecosystem by not only supporting Windows XP for at least the next three years, but also by creating protection modules and detections specifically designed to cover Windows XP vulnerabilities and other security problems.

Tell other Windows XP users

Let you friends know that AVAST is protecting Windows XP. Lots of small business owners and people with older PCs and laptops are still running the OS. We can help keep them protected.

Thank you for using avast! Antivirus and recommending us to your friends and family. For all the latest news, fun and contest information, please follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. Business owners – check out our business products.

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  • Holly

    I’m still using XP. I installed Avast and it suggests I update lots of my add-ons, including Google Chrome. How do I know if these recommended updates are compatible with XP?

    • Matt Rundle


      You’re running XP ok,

      Avast will make recommendations on updating other Software that you may have installed already that is also compatible with XP, this should be no problem as it is Avasts’s standard procedure, they are making these recommendations to keep you Secure and updated, as an Avast customer.

      NO Av company would recommend you to install Programs or updates that they know arn’t designed to run, because they wouldn’t work properly.

      Thanks Matt

  • Leah Adirondacks

    and… no response after three months.

  • Antivirusupportservices Servic

    Antivirus Support Services – Call For Tech Support +1-844-699-8285

  • Bernardo Gomez

    I have an old PC running XP. I installed avast by going to wi tty h Chrome. I cannot access with IE 6. Nor can I update my avast installation. I get an error saying I have internet connections problems. It think it is related to IE 6. Any suggestions?

  • Alexandru Razvan

    lol avast free support Windows XP users for the next 3 years,after no longer receives support :)) you will lose many customers,you must understand that not everybody has the money to buy a new pc.but it is your problem if you do not care about customers

    there are many who are still using Windows XP SP3 even if Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP