The first eco-friendly email virus?

Ondrej Vlcek, 20 March 2014

The first eco-friendly email virus?

A few minutes ago, I noticed a new infected email landing in my inbox. The body of the email said:

Please find Attached Invoice payment format of Marina private ltd.


Marina Private Limited
Plot No. 544-J, Pace City - II
Sector - 37, Gurgaon - 122 004
Haryana - Bharat

That's pretty normal / boring stuff -- and so was the attached ZIP file, which contained a run-of-the-mill sample of a well-known virus family.

However, what grabbed my attention was the footer of the email, which said:

Please consider your environmental responsibility,
do not take print out of e-mail & attachments, until you actually need
this - Save paper.

Now this is hilarious, isn't it? This must be the first eco-friendly computer virus in the world. A sound indication that the world is going green - and so are the malware authors.


Enjoy the first day of spring everyone! (or at least those of you in the northern hemisphere)



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