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September 22nd, 2011

AVAST acquires mobile security app developer ITAgents

For those interested in all things Android, I have some exciting news. AVAST Software has acquired ITAgents, the Austrian developer of the Theft Aware mobile phone theft protection and recovery system.

The acquisition strengthens AVAST’s technology base and gives us a hands-on security app designed for today’s Android-powered smartphones.

Security for smartphones – unlike the traditional computer – begins with securing the actual device and its contents. Normal PC’s just don’t get left behind in bars or fall out of pockets.

At AVAST, we really like the unique features and technologies incorporated into Theft Aware. Once Theft Aware is installed, it’s really hidden. Also, on rooted phones, due to the way Theft Aware is installed in the system partition, it can survive a “hard” or factory reset – usually the first thing a thief does is to clean up a phone before reselling it. This innovations give a solid base to useful features such as the GPS tracking and the text message alerts, helping people recover their lost or stolen phones reliably.

We aren’t the only ones that like this app, we just are the only ones that bought the company. :-)

Theft Aware 2.0 has gotten rave reviews from a number of IT sites such as Android Police and AndroidPIT.

But, Theft Aware 2.0 is just the starting point. More changes are coming as AVAST now has the newest version – not yet released – of the new Theft Aware app. We will rebrand and launch it in the 4th quarter of this year. It has some really nice and unique features that I will tell you about soon.

ITAgents was started by Reinhard Holzner in Linz, Austria. We are pleased to add him to the AVAST team and I am sure you will be hearing more about him and his security products in the very near future.


  • RejZoR

    If i’m honest, i never heard of them and due to a plague of all sorts of “no name” security apps. I sort of settled with either existing AVG or DrWeb which are a known name in security field just to be sure. But when avast! edition is out for Android, i’ll sure be using it.
    I just hope they’ll stick with the grey/orange scheme :D

  • Kunal

    AVG mobilation has a pretty nifty thing going for them so far as Android safety goes. You could think about trumping them though if you found a way to integrate your PC program with Android protection (of course you’d still be using the net). AVG still uses a web interface to track and control an Android device. The ability to do this within the PC version of AVAST could be your calling card. Make it part of the free version and you’ve got a winner. It would certainly make me consider my next Android protection service even though I plan to stay a ‘paid for’ customer.

  • Tech

    Congratulations. Hope someday you move toward Blackberry market also.

  • Reinhard Holzner

    You guys can’t imagine how happy and proud I am to now be a part of the AVAST team!! Thanks for all help!!

  • Tanmoy

    why google say this about “Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days”(

  • vlk

    Tanmoy :
    why google say this about “Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days”(

    Why don’t you ask e.g. on the forum, or in our support section?
    Sorry, but blog post comments aren’t really designed for this, especially if the question is completely unrelated to the actual post.


  • Daiken

    Avast is worst AV eva, c’mon I don’t want regret buing awesome up f*cked now by Avast…

  • Norbert (Bob) Gostischa

    Great news and something nice for me to pass along since the question about avast! and how or if it protects cell phones comes up very often.
    Now I just need to get an android phone. :)

  • neo

    AVG had android version for a long long long time

    and now it also had different languages android version ……….

  • RejZoR

    AVG is free but is not particularly good and is also very annoying when it goes rampage deleting programs that could be used for malicious purpose (but i know they are there because i installed them). Of course it just deletes them without asking. How annoying is that!?

  • Rogerio Gerardo

    As a Theft Aware customer, I hope the product keeps its current features and more important, hope it continues to have a lean version as it is now. A more complete version with AVG would be welcome too, but please give us the option to test and choose.

  • Pierre


    Daiken I have seen the Avast free version stop viruses that even our corporate clients kaspersky did not even pick up.

    The latest Avast is really a good product that I trust.

    This will be an excellent marriage of two superb products.

    Congrats to the two companies and ignore all the naysayers. “Ignorance is bliss”

  • AV dude

    Nice article nicely written, i like the way you wrote on this article good work.

  • Ashok Soni

    What happened to the Symbian support? This app supported Symbain and it’s a pretty good tool to have in your phone always, but now as on their official site as well as here it’s all about android so should I think that there won’t be any symbian supporting version coming in near future or ever?

  • Kevin Palembas

    As someone who always wants to know what the latest and greatest technology is, it really surprised me how many security apps there were out there. When I bought my first (and only) smartphone back in August last year, I, like many others, was faced with the task of finding apps that were useful to me. The biggest problem I encountered wasn’t finding apps that were useful, it was finding too many apps that did the same thing, or at least tried to. Security apps were no exception. There are dozens of keywords you can type into the Market search engine that will return at least one security app. I tried the majority of the “find your lost/stolen phone” only to discover that most of them were all but useless against someone who knew how to factory reset a phone or hack it using adb commands. Star ratings on the market do nothing to tell you about an app’s features or if the hype on their download page lives up to the app’s actual reliability for the features it does include, mainly because there will always be people who are not as smart as the phones they buy. They download and try to use an app without the first clue of what it’s function is and then give it a bad star rating because they were too stupid to use it. Yes, the majority of free apps on Market are useful and do exactly what they claim. Security apps are no exception to this either. What is different about Theft Aware is that even without the features that are unique to Theft Aware, it is still the best security app on the Market because it gives you features that are common to other apps of it’s kind and does them better. At the time of this writing you have to use more than one app to get all the features common to other recovery apps in Theft Aware. It isn’t a virus scanner/remover so don’t judge it as such, although avast! may choose to include that in future versions. If you’re waiting to get Theft Aware until a new version comes out, DON’T WAIT. Not only is there a major sale going right now, but in the time you wait to get this protection your phone could be lost or stolen. It almost happened to me once and i was VERY lucky to get it back since Theft Aware wasn’t installed at the time. Personally I suggest the unbound license since in the event your phone does get stolen and damaged before you get it back you can put it on any future android phone you get. This and Titanium Backup are always the first apps I install on my phone.

    Kevin Palembas, AS in Computer Networking Technology, A+, Network+