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March 3rd, 2010

New free AV comparative test: and the winner is…

I usually don’t bother writing about individual AV tests and how great we did here and there, but this time I’ll make an exception. Malekal Morte, a very well-known (and influential) security person (tester/blogger/expert) from France recently performed a test of all leading free antivirus software products, and I’m very delighted to say that avast 5 was selected as a winner of the test.

Malekal is known for his rigorous testing methods and relentless criticism of poorly-performing products. Winning the 2010 test is even more precious considering that in the past, his attitude against avast was very reserved, and his tests were dominated by other products. But all this seems to have changed with the new avast version 5.

Malekal especially appreciated the way we bulked up the web protection module. The improvements in the avast Web and Network Shields, combined with its enhanced javascript detection engine, secured avast a smooth victory in the real-world test of protection against web-based threats. With over 85% of all infections coming through the Web these days, such improvements really make a difference for all our users.

The tester also liked the avast cleaning capabilities, mainly thanks to our unique boot-time scanning technology.

The final standing are as follows:

Gold medal: avast

Silver medal: Avira, Microsoft Security Essentials

Bronze medal: AVG, Panda cloud

Link to full review (in French):

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  • Björn Lundahl


    Thanks! I got the license file two hours ago and my Avast is now activated. Thank you very much again! So I will still promote Avast in the future by writing “good things”.


  • EtsDriver

    Is this working on Win ME?

  • robbie williams

    Amazing…great great great
    Understanding what y’all doing for the poor pc users under attack these days..
    Keep on going,

    Robert P Williams

  • Vojta – Avast support team

    EtsDriver :
    Is this working on Win ME?

    Windows 2000 and later

  • beyond

    Working on ME? Time to update friend!

  • Aion kinah

    This is a good post, I stumbled across your article while looking for song downloads. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to recommend this site to others.

  • http://none Michael

    Have Avast on all my machines-7 in all. Yesterday I tried MSE & it found 3 virues that Avast did not. Maybe you should real time test.

  • marty Jensen

    after the first install: had to reinstall xp as it would log in, and then log out continuously. Lost all emails, restore points, and program .exe’s. Second install: again, all desktop icons lost, all my program .exe’s were deleted from their folders. Even system restore would not load. Had to copy the restore program from another puter and put in windows\system32\restore to get it to work. Thankfully, I did not have to do another xp install. AVAST just does not work for me.

  • Antonio

    Estoy probando Avast Antivirus Free, debido a que he escuchado que es bueno, antes usaba el Nod32 con el cual no he tenido problemas, simplemente quiero ponerlo a prueba para comparar con hechos reales cual es mejor.

    Hasta ahora me siento super comodo con esta nueva version de Avast =)

  • Vincent Steckler

    @Björn Lundahl
    Hello again Bjorn. Sorry for your troubles. There was actually a license server issue over the weekend that stopped license keys for names with “strange” characters from being delivered. Unfortunately that is the “o” in your name. Nothing was lost–they were all queued. Glad to see you got the license and thanks for your support.

  • khan

    very good

  • Vojta – Avast support team

    Pissed user :

    If only avast would LEAVE FILES ALONE WHEN I TELL IT TO DO SO!

    Several of my files have been deletet or blocked even if they are legit files!

    Please give me an advanced mode where I can tell the program that I’m aware of the file and that I WANT TO KEEP IT!!!!!

    please add the files to the exception list in Avast.

  • Sergio

    Congratulation Avast team, we bought the 5.0 version because we trust in the product free for 2 years.