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February 4th, 2010

Avast 5 is here. But wait, what about ADNM and the other stuff?

Two weeks ago, we released the new avast 5. Although there were some minor hiccups in the beginning, I’d say it was a fairly successful launch, and the number of avast 5 users is now quickly growing – even though we haven’t really started the official upgrade campaign yet.

As most of you already know, we released 3 new products: avast 5 Free AV, avast 5 Pro AV, and avast 5 Internet Security. However, there seems to be some confusion about what will happen with the other editions of avast. This article would like to explain the situation in a bit more detail.The three products we have released are all meant for consumer/SOHO market. In v4.8, we also have a bunch of other products. Let me explain what will happen to those, one by one.

  • avast! Server Edition (including the plug-ins) – this product will be released in v5 (or 5.1) in Summer 2010. It will be based on the new engine, and will also feature (among other things) a server-side antispam.
  • ADNM – this is a bit trickier. As our primary focus (as a company) is consumer and SME, we decided that for v5, we will build a brand-new management system specifically designed for small/medium business. It will be much easier to use and will have some other great improvements. There will be a separate blog post on it shortly. It is scheduled to ship sometime this summer. For large accounts, this will not be a good solutions though. We’re still looking into ways on how to make the current ADNM work with avast v5.
  • avast! WHS Edition – the v5 clients will be updated to talk to the WHS Edition shortly. On the flip side, the WHS Edition itself is expected to be also ported to the v5 engine eventually.
  • avast! Professional Family Pack wasn’t really a product but just a bundle of 10x Professional Edition + WHS Edition. The Pack is going to be discontinued, but obviously, you can still build the same functionality with the other products.
  • avast! Mac Edition – this will get the v5 engine sometime during this year (no specific dates yet, sorry). Although the malware situation on the Mac platform is still quite calm, we are a bit worried about Apple’s (and Adobe’s) general attitude toward security and expect the situation to become worse.
  • avast! Linux Edition – similar to Mac. Even though it also have considerably lower priority than Windows, Linux is an important platform and we don’t want to ignore it. BTW did you know that avast just got another VB100 award — and this time, the test was done on Linux?
  • avast! PDA Edition - this is a very old product which currently lacks support for major mobile platforms (Symbian, iPhone, Android, …). Its future in uncertain.
  • Net.purum – the product will be discontinued.

Beside these, we’re planning a few new products for 2010 but it’s probably too early to talk about these for now. Stay tuned!

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  • Yanto Chiang

    Hi Vlk,

    I don’t see you mentioned about avast 4 linux edition. How about that?

    And when exactly you will release ADNM for Small Medium Business and Enterprise customer?

  • Cahya

    I’ll wait for the next Avast Linux Edition :) (I’m still using the old 4 for my OpenSUSE and make have a hard time when updating the VPS :( )

  • AvastUser1


    Thank you for the details about coming up product versions. One information that I think would be useful to users , specially for small\medium size busnesses is the ability to do a silent installation, when will it be available ??



  • Zilog

    Mac users can try this latest build:
    New features: auto-scan timer, path exclusions/patterns (useful for TimeMachine), incremental updates of both VPS and the engine (both on the fly, w/o the need to even close the app itself), verbose/suspendable warnings, hidden-mode, better asynchronicity, less invasive pop-up windows, background sessions, latest engine, 10.6-related fixes…

    Still supports old PowerPC platform, Intel platform, MacOS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6, 64-bit system/xnu compatible. License files will be kept active and you can return back to the old version anytime simply by re-installing the present package. Worth a try :)

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  • Julio

    What will happen with my Family Pack subscription? Can I still renew or I´ll have to change all my licensing even tough I will still be running v4.8 due to WHS?

  • drozzy

    Using free version now thanks!
    I would definitely pay like $5/year for antivirus, but not more. This is a software that must come with OS already.

    It would also be sweet if a lifetime subscription was offered.

  • whs_user

    I am disappointed to see the family pack go since I just purchased it. I like the fact that I can buy a package like that for WHS and 10 PCs. Might have to look to see if anyone else is doing the Family Pack when my subscription ends. I thought the fam pack was the icing on the cake. All good things must end, I guess.

  • Wim

    I am happy to read this news, specially the ADNM part.

    I am planning to replace my complete serverpark this summer, in the new park will only be Win2k8 R2 servers and the latest server software (exchange 2010, sharepoint 2010 foundation and all) so i can use the ADNM release for v5 at that time hopefully

    thank you for clearing this up so far.

    Is there going to be a thread in the evangelists thread (or adnm) thread to get previews how it looks, or any of my ideas that i posted in the ADNM v5 wishlist thread? (im WPN in the forum)

  • Juan Silva

    I wanted to ask:
    What is better Avast Home 4.8 or Avast Free Antivirus 5.0?
    I could explain why.
    I recently changed to version 5.0
    Greetings from Chile

  • Yanto Chiang

    Juan Silva :
    I wanted to ask:
    What is better Avast Home 4.8 or Avast Free Antivirus 5.0?
    I could explain why.
    I recently changed to version 5.0
    Greetings from Chile

    Hi Juan,

    My self more prever to use new version, because each new version will come new engine.

    But back to you again, which solutions better for your site.

    Yanto Chiang

  • reza

    afghanian people want to use of avast pro but it is a dream yet because you do not have any partner here

  • jim

    I am having virus problems, but I can’t go to your website to download avast. I am sending this on a friend’s pc. I also have a virus on my blog. My host site is working on that.

    Is there any way you can download avast to my pc or email?

    The funny thing is my thesis was about the early hackers. They were a fun group unlike the hackers now.


  • Lee

    First of all please forgive my poor English.

    My system is windos xpSP3

    How to install the free version of avast5.0.396 not automatically updates? 4.8 can be used prior to the time I use the update to set up dial-up line is not me no wrong

    Thank you for your free product hope that it will become better and better

       Your loyal customers!

  • Friends

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  • spg SCOTT

    Hi Vlk,

    I see U3 isn’t there…

    I imagine that it will suffer the same fate as the PDA version, uncertain future…
    (I often wondered if anyone even used it…)

    -Can you download avast! on the other pc and transfer it?

    For further help, I would suggest the forum, much easier and faster to get help…


    I am not too sure what you mean…
    -You can choose settings for updates in the program…


    spam? You only need to say it once…
    You can choose Chinese on the download page:


    To EVERYONE: This is the avast! Blog, not the support forum. You will get much better and faster help from the users of the forum (and/or avast! support), PLEASE use that instead. It is very hard for them to offer help in the comments of a blog…thanks…

    Information about support can be found here:

  • Michel Derome

    Ok, I have now lost the Family Pack Edition (Rebate)with your new way of doing business.

    You could think oh well just another user that we lost but who care we have now a 100 millions user yes?

    Well the WHS community will be “please” to learn about that news.

    Great way to support your customer like myself by dropping me or charging me by each PC. I am not the world bank here or a corporation I am trying to keep my network secure for my family.

    No special offer no warning no transition or substantial rebate also, this is not how you should reward your customer.

    Call me angry ok but a disappointed loyal customer will be more like it.

  • BetaVirus

    The WHS community will drop your product like a hot rock. Hope you are happy with your existing licensed user base because your new product offering will instantly put an end to your success.

    I install, service and consult hundreds of WHS clients, not to mention the Blogs, Forums and Wikis I participate in. Your product was highly rated, but now I guess I can put it in the same trash bucket as the McAfee crapware.

    Congradulations to your genius marketing department – you can now refer to them as your Order Prevention Team.

    I hpoe you find it to be a most difficult financial nightmare with your new product offering. Better companies than yours have gone out of business with stupid decision making like this.

  • Yanto Chiang

    reza :
    afghanian people want to use of avast pro but it is a dream yet because you do not have any partner here


    You may purchase from near by you country.

    Yanto Chiang

  • Steven E. Crider

    I am incredibly disappointed about the loss of the Family Pack. I’ve been running the Family Pack for 4 years and, yes, I use most of my licenses on my home network with family computers (currently: 1 server (non-WHS) + 4 desktops + 4 laptops). I am not a business. I am a tech enthusiast who has multiple boxes for both myself and my family.

    After using the free product for a year, I was so thrilled with it that I was happy to upgrade and pay to support the Devs. In 2006 I got my first 1-yr Family Pack. In 2007 I re-upped for another year. In 2008 I re-upped for 2 years at a cost of $81.16 (USD). That is such an amazing deal and I was happy to be supporting the Devs. But now I see that the Family Pack is gone but I can “still build the same functionality with the other products”.

    I take that to mean that I can simply buy 10 licenses of the Pro version, which makes logical sense but from a cost standpoint is crazy. I’m on the Avast store now, and a 2-year sub for 10 licenses will cost me $562.12 (USD), including the 2-yr discount. Yeah, I don’t think so. Looks like I’ll be going to the free version or maybe over to Sunbelt. Last time I checked, they had a killer upgrade/migration deal.

    Either way, once my v4.8 Family Pack sub runs out later this year (2010), unless a new version becomes available I won’t be paying any more money for the Avast product. I’ve recommended your Pro product to so many people I can’t even count. You’ve now lost me and further recommendations.

  • Wim

    @complaining people about the family pack

    first of all to the people that call this software crap now because the pricing went up and different….. never heard so much bullsh*t…. because the price goes up the product is crap now??? come on…. get some intelligence…

    for the normal complainers:
    i went to the avast website, i choose to get the avast internet security pack
    there i can choose to change the years for the subcription AND the ammount of computers… for example for 10 computers it will be 262 dollar….
    judged on the costs to keep develloping + the inflation that is still a fair price for that ammount of licenses…..
    the standard internet security pack already installs on 3 computers and costs 59 dollar for 1 year…

  • Roger Wick

    Don’t Work

  • Roger Wick

    I installed the new version 5 over my old version 4.8 into my 64bit Vista.
    It did not install a tray icon, but put one on the desktop.
    When I try to launch I get an error message that says “The application failed to start because the side-by-side configuration is incorrect”
    Does anyone have any advice as to what I should so?

  • CharleyO


    Hi Roger Wick,

    Yes, you can post your problem in the avast! Free/Pro/Suite section on the avast forum at the link below.


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  • Gil Queiroz

    Avast 5.0 Free don’t work in my computer, don’t install, my OS is Windows XP SP3. It’s incompatibility, I been tried many times, various ways and I don’t solve the problem. Alwill needs solve this problem fast, because many users be leaving Avast and they go others antivirus. It’s lamentable, but it’s true. Thanks.

  • Rob C.


    I would agree with these comments — I would like to see this as soon as possible as well for a summer project. Late spring or very early summer release would be great.

    Also can you define what Avast’s consider small/medium business?


  • Tech

    Sad to know about Net.Purum… I’ve translated that product too…

  • Theo

    I am delighted to hear that the “avast! WHS Edition” will be updated to v5.

    Must say that I am disappointed about the fact that the “avast! Professional Family Pack” license model is to be dropped. And reading reactions from the WHS community, I am not alone on this. I think Familiy Pack was one of the main seling points for WHS owners to go for avast! for all PC’s in the house (and tell everybody they are using this great product named avast!?)

    PLEASE – reconsider?

  • iNsuRRecTiON

    Hi there,

    what about the avast BART CD? :)

    In 2008 a beta of Version 3 was started, but never completed for the BART CD.

    I’m wondering whether or not you will continue the avast BART CD product.

    And if yes, when we will get Version 4 of the BART CD with avast v5.x engine and WinPE 3.x (Win7)?!?

    And I second this, the U3 version it not there :)
    Additionally there should be a version ;-)


    iNsuRRecTiON from Germany

  • T.R.

    I too have the WHS/Family Pack and am extremely disapointed in the decision to drop the Family Pack. Count me as one less paying customer. I WILL NOT renew or purchase additional product based on this decision.

  • http://Mali A.Yalcouyé

    Eh bien!
    Avast, pour moi est un très efficace et assure une parfaite protection. Durant un an j’ai utilisé la version familiale 4.8 avec beaucou de satisfaction. Une fois je fus en possession d’un autre antivirus professionnel, mais mon informaticien m’a conseiller de garder avast, car lui l’utilise avec satisfaction.
    je désirerai recevoir la nouvelle version avec encore plus de performance.

  • GB Dippidy dawg

    I agree with those that have the Family Pack. I too have it, and it sucks that the Family Pack will no longer be offered. Avast has one of the best AV products out there that I tested, and for home users that have more than 3 computers and a WHS, that was perfect. I think that if it was offered, even at a slightly higher price, it would take well opposed to having to make multiple purchases and spend much more. We would rather go to another product and figure out what to do. As for me, I am glad I still have a McAfee subscription, and will have to worry about my WHS.

  • Daniel Baird

    The loss of the Family Pack will force many of the WHS and non-WHS users elsewhere, or to the free product. Thus eliminating their (Avast’s) income from that subset of the community anyway. So, would you rather offer the family pack at a drastically reduced price for a multipack of 10 licenses plus a WHS license at 80 bucks a year, don’t forget to multiply that 80 bucks by how many Family Packs you have sold, Or would you rather lose that same 80 bucks multiplied by the number of current family packs out there.

    I am no CPA by any means, just a tech guy who likes a good value. But to me it would seem like you would want to make that current subset of users happy. Thusly keeping the income AND recommendations to friends and family, which then of course generates MORE income from NEW clientele. Call my crazy.

    Vipre is a nice product offered by Sunbelt and certainly making a mark in the enterprise security arena. It looks like they’re poised to fill the family pack loss from Avast! users as well. I guess change is indeed inevitable.

  • Daniel Baird

    Incidentally, over at Sunbelt, a “Home Site License” for 3+ clients (unlimited) is a mere 99 dollars for a 2 year commitment. They may not have a WHS plug in to manage the clients, but I bet with a large enough contigent of the WHS community looking at their licensing, they would be interesting in developing it.