The ultimate Mother’s Day gift

Nancy Nunziati 10 May 2018

If you’re scrambling to find the perfect present for Mom, look no further.

She has spent the better part of her life protecting you by providing a safe path through the world. Now it’s your turn to do the same for her. The World Wide Web has become an intimidating place, especially for older generations who are taken aback by the breakneck pace at which technology — both benevolent and malicious — is evolving.

Now imagine a gift for Mom that in one fell swoop:

  • boosts her confidence
  • protects her privacy
  • safeguards her data
  • increases her security
  • improves her computer’s performance
  • gives you both peace of mind

That’s right, we’re talking about defending her digital world. Let’s face it, your mom is probably not going to research, compare, and vet her own cybersecurity, otherwise she’d be the one reading this blog instead of you. This is the exact area where parents need our help, restoring sanity to their online experiences. Whether or not they’re too proud to ask for it, our guidance would be very helpful.

With that in mind, here are two gift options to consider, depending on your wallet:

Avast Free Antivirus

This costs you absolutely no money yet gives Mom the support of the largest cybersecurity network in the world. She gets an intelligent antivirus which blocks any malware or cyberthreats. She gets Wi-Fi Inspector, a program that reports if there is any vulnerability in the home network. She also gets CyberCapture, which quarantines suspicious files and sends them to the Avast lab for analysis, and Smart Scan, which checks her system for any unsafe settings or susceptible out-of-date software. Just download Avast Free Antivirus to your mom’s computer today to get started.  

While the free antivirus solution may be the shallow end of the pool, Mom will benefit vastly from being in the pool at all. This is no time to be without an antivirus. Now, moving on to the deeper end of the pool, let’s look at the ultimate gift.

Avast Ultimate bundle

This is our recommended package. It has all our best bells and whistles, and will cradle Mom in the safety and privacy she deserves. Along with Avast Premier, our most advanced antivirus protection, Mom also gets Avast SecureLine, our security-forward VPN that encrypts her web connection and protects her privacy. She gets Passwords Premium, our password manager that generates complex, uncrackable passwords for all of Mom’s accounts, as well as remembering them so she doesn’t have to. And to sweeten the pot further, she also gets Cleanup Premium, our “junk-blaster” that cleans, speeds up, and revives Mom’s computer to its optimum performance. And those are only the broad strokes. Learn more about the Avast Ultimate bundle.

This Mother’s Day, give the gift that protects Mom’s digital life. Taking just a few minutes to install security software on her computer will yield priceless results, as you’ll both benefit from the peace of mind that accompanies her new worry-free online experience. It’s time to repay the favor by turning the tables. This time, you protect her. Create a safe, secure path through the digital wilderness that will keep her from harm. Be her hero.

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