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December 12th, 2013

avast! File Server Security wins Virus Bulletin award with ease

Our high-performancavast business solutionse avast! File Server Security software continues its run of perfect detection rate scores and excellent performance in the latest Virus Bulletin test concluded in October 2013.

The experts at VB’s labs said, “Avast hasn’t missed a VB100 comparative since 2007, and has maintained an impressive level of passes as well as keeping the lab team happy with good design and reliable performances.”

VB server 1013

avast! File Server Security scored 100% on detection rates with zero false positives on WildList samples and clean test sets. The test measures detection rates using the freshest malware samples available, as well as samples not seen until after product databases are frozen, thus reflecting both the vendors’ ability to handle the huge quantity of newly emerging malware and their accuracy in detecting previously unknown malware.

VB’s lab experts found that avast! File Server Security installed rapidly and with ease. The feel of the product’s graphical user interface (GUI) was similar to the desktop version, making it easy to navigate, and most importantly for the IT professional, responsive. Scanning speeds were steady and detection rates were strong and remained steady during the days of testing, making for a highly reliable product. They concluded by stating, “The certification sets presented no problems, and Avast earns another VB100 award comfortably.”

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September 27th, 2013

avast! Free Antivirus wins VB100 award

vb_award_enAVAST Software, maker of the most trusted antivirus in the world, avast! Free Antivirus, has achieved a VB100 award in the latest Virus Bulletin VB100 comparative review. 

The VB100 award is given to those products that detect 100% of viruses “in the wild,” using the freshest malware sample sets available, as well as samples not previously seen. In this round, the testers also used a range of items including a wide selection of educational software, designed for use either in schools or in home-teaching environments. avast! Free Antivirus scored 100% for each malware set tested.

“The core sets were dealt with flawlessly, easily earning Avast a VB100 award for this month’s efforts,” said the Virus Bulletin experts conducting the test.

The second standard measured is the number of false positives generated when scanning. A false positive warning happens when a file is erroneously tagged as a virus or malware, when in fact the file does not possess such malicious code and is not a virus or malware. avast! Free Antivirus had zero false positives and got a perfect score on both standards showing it has what it takes to handle newly emerging malware and accurately detect previously unknown malware.

Speed and performance measures are also taken and avast! Free Antivirus earned the highest Stability rating, Solid: No issues observed, as opposed to Stable, Fair, or Buggy.

The Virus Bulletin annual conference, the premier technical event of the antivirus/security industry, will be held the first week in October in Berlin. AVAST will be attending, so we hope to see you there.

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July 25th, 2013

AVAST File Server Security gets VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin

box+badgeAVAST’s high-performance server-security product, avast! File Server Security, has received the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin. The independent testing lab’s latest AV comparative test focused on performance in Windows Server 2012.

AVAST performed solidly with 100% detection rates and zero false alarms on both WildList and clean test sets consisting mainly of business tools to fit with the server environment.

The avast! UI has been redesigned to keep up with modern navigation styles and the testers noticed saying, “Avast’s server edition (is)… pretty easy on the eye, laden with multiple components and layers, and relatively simple to navigate even with a very good range of controls.“

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September 18th, 2012

“Avast earns another VB100 award fairly easily”

avast! Free Antivirus just earned another VB100 award, this time in the August 2012 Virus Bulletin comparative review for Windows 7 – with a perfect score of 100%.

According to the review, avast! “routinely elicits warm, affectionate smiles from the test team, with this month’s submission promising more of the same.” As well, we were told that “Avast earns another VB100 award fairly easily” in this case.

We offer much thanks to our beta testers, our developers, and our QA team for all their hard work in making software that is easy to stand behind.


A  list of other awards and certifications earned by avast! in recent years can be found here: (incomplete list)


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July 12th, 2012

VB100 Award for avast! File Server Security

avast! File Server Security for Windows Servers has earned a “Virus Bulletin 100%” (VB100) award from the latest Virus Bulletin comparative review conducted on the Windows 2008 Server R2 platform.

Avast! File Server Security performed extremely well in the test. The program scored high detection rates with zero false positives and demonstrated 100% efficiency when tested against viruses “in-the-wild” and on clean sets. Avast! File Server Security also had excellent scores in the Reactive and Proactive (RAP) test, reflecting its ability to detect and accurately identify newly emerging malware and previously unknown malware samples. Based on the fine performance of Avast! File Server Security, the editor’s concluded that, “a VB100 award is earned without difficulty.” This award follows an April VB100 award for avast! Free Antivirus.

VB100 certification is widely recognized within the industry, with its focus on virus detection rates and scanning speeds, as well as a range of additional tests included in comparative test reports.  Virus Bulletin has carried out independent comparative testing of antivirus products for many years. The testing platform was Windows Server 2008 R2, the server platform from Microsoft released in 2009. Thirty-seven submissions were tested in this round.


October 7th, 2011

Barcelona – fotoreport from the last two days

The content of VB 2011 programme provided an excellent amount of information from the security industry in the last three days. It came packed in an interesting and humorous way. Here is some more pictures from conference to present the atmosphere and we looking forward on next conference!


January 19th, 2010

Avast! Free Antivirus, Version 5.0: “…nothing short of a miracle”

Virus Bulletin, one of the most respected reviewers of security products, wrote a very detailed review of the Avast 5.0 beta products in their January issue ( This is a lengthy review but to me the best line was their summation of the new free product: “the free version being available to all without charge is nothing short of a miracle”. There was also a review of it in the recent AV-Comparatives test of performance/system impact. The product scored the highest rating: A+.

With the new Free Version 5.0, we attempted (and we think succeeded) to raise the bar on free security products. We decided that our new free product needed to be the best antivirus product in the world—not just the best free product. We think we have succeeded, or come darn close. Now you the users (and of course the reviewers) can let us know…. Read more…