Avast reclassifies cryptominers

Jan Širmer 4 Oct 2018

New classification guidelines help you better understand the cryptominers that come knocking.

Cryptomining has grown so rampant that we’ve revised the guidelines for how our software identifies and classifies mining programs. At Avast, we’re committed to keeping you protected, and this new classification system will provide our users with an added layer of security by keeping them informed and protected. We want to be sure that if cryptomining is at work on your system, it’s because you are wanting and allowing it.

Moving forward, our software will label a miner as a Tool or as malware, depending on its behavior.

At best, cryptomining is concerning, drawing on your CPU power and raising your electricity bills. At worst, it can overheat your system, causing irreparable damage. For those reasons, Avast software will no longer label ANY cryptomining programs as clean.

Our new guidelines basically measure how forthcoming and transparent the miner is so that you aware and in control of the miner running. Among other signs of legitimacy, we are looking for:

  • Clear sensible text boxes providing all relevant information about the program or site, with ACCEPT and DECLINE buttons.
  • After installation, no mining can begin until the user grants rights to do so; after the user grants the rights the first time, the program only needs to show a visible indicator of active mining.
  • A new text box and explanation if and when mining terms change, with a new ACCEPT/DECLINE choice.

See the full set of guidelines on our tech support page, and make sure that the mining you mine...is yours.

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