Oktoberfest 2016: How to quickly connect to secure Wi-Fi in Munich

Stefanie Smith 16 Sep 2016

Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling.

This Saturday, the 183rd Oktoberfest will take place on the Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany. People will travel to the Bavarian capital from all over the world to enjoy beer, music, chicken, cotton candy, amusement rides and more!

If you are traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest, you probably want to share your exciting beer hall photos and videos with friends and family to show off (as soon as possible) what an awesome time you are having! You may also need to access Google Maps to find your way around the city while sightseeing. Now, you’re probably asking yourself: How am I going to do this, unless I pay for an expensive international plan?

Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you find open Wi-Fi

Avast Wi-Fi Finder is the ideal app for travelers and can help you find more than 1,600 Wi-Fi hotspots in Munich - saving you from wandering around aimlessly, searching for a connection. Even better, the app is free. As great as free sounds right now, it will sound even better after you spent all of your money on beer and food at Oktoberfest ;-).

Using Avast Wi-Fi Finder is as easy as one, two, drei

  1. Download the app (for free!) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  2. Download the list of hotspots for Germany (or whatever foreign country you want to use the app in), before you leave your hotel or hostel.
  3. Open the map
  4. Find the Wi-Fi hotspot closest to you
  5. Connect!

The app doesn’t just show you nearby hotspots, it also shows you the hotspot’s connection speed, but more importantly, it shows you how secure the connection is.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder collects Wi-Fi hotspots through crowdsourcing and the app currently has about 1.8 million hotspots in its database. Every day, about 10,000 new connections are added. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to this year’s Oktoberfest and have included some useful terms and phrases below to help you during your trip :).

Oktoberfest Munich WiFi

Important terms to know while visiting Munich for Oktoberfest

O’zapft is! Bavarian for “it’s tapped”. This expression is used on the opening day of Oktoberfest when the first beer barrel is tapped by the mayor of Munich.

Wiesn is the Bavarian term for Oktoberfest and is an abbreviated version of its location “Theresienwiese”.

Prost the German word for “cheers”.

(Wo ist das) Bierzelt (Where is the) beer tent

Ein Bier bitte! A beer, please!

Danke! Thank you!

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