Avast Secure Browser PRO: A premium browser for your PC with a built-in VPN

Sander van Hezik 26 Oct 2021

Avast Secure Browser PRO gives you the security and privacy tools you need to safeguard you

We are all spending more time online. In a recent YouGov survey of more than 16,000 people in 17 countries, over 60% of all respondents in all age groups said they spend more than two hours online outside of work. What’s more, 30% of respondents said that the internet was more important to them than it was just a year ago. 

Today, we bank, vote, shop, communicate with each other and more — and most of this we do via our browser. The browser really has become the gateway not just to the internet, but also to vital aspects of our lives.

But with more time online, come more threats. If you notice more spam, pop-ups, changed settings or problems with performance your browser could have been hijacked. But even less visible are threats to your privacy and identity which can be exploited over unprotected Wi-Fi or even if you do something as simple as visit an unknown website.

It was with these threats in mind that we built Avast Premium Browser Pro, our chromium based browser with a built in virtual private network. Avast Secure Browser is a browser built by trusted cybersecurity experts. Browsers are essentially the operating systems of the internet. It is where we commune, collaborate, work, research, shop, bank, sign important documents, communicate, consume entertainment, and live our digital lives. Unfortunately, all this potential for connecting, working, and playing, also leads to a high level of potential risk.

When we browse without any security features or unknowingly don’t have them engaged (which is often the case due to the default settings in leading browsers), we open ourselves up to hackers. Thieves can steal identities, ‘borrow’ our credit card information to make purchases from others’ accounts, or simply pass on browsing habits to others — making a profit exploiting our privacy.

This is why the security and privacy of the browser are — and will continue to be — at the top of the priority list for us in the coming years. The more we browse, the more likely we are to be targeted by crooks and criminals looking to exploit us, and in turn, the more we need a browser that prioritizes our security and privacy.

The Avast Secure Browser offers a high level of performance while introducing a dedicated user console, called the Security & Privacy Center, to help users better manage their online security and privacy needs. In short, it’s everything a user needs to stay more secure online — without having to do anything out of the ordinary to get it.

“Our focus has always been on creating an all-in-one browser for all people that does a better job at protecting security and privacy today than it did yesterday, but in a way that doesn’t create friction when you’re browsing the internet,” said Fiona Cliffe, Director of Product Management at Avast. “This is why a built-in VPN for Windows was a natural next step, so that secure connections can be established at the click of a button. We have a responsibility to keep our customers’ connections secure, and if we can provide that without the need for installation or configuration, VPN technology and the benefits of it will become more readily available to everyone, no matter their level of technical expertise. We believe this is important for the preservation of people’s digital freedom.”

This means that you can easily and safely browse the internet as you want and unblock any site. With Avast Secure Browser, you already have the best-in-class security and privacy (including additional malware detection) built in. With Avast Secure Browser PRO, we’re taking the security up a notch. Plus, you can connect up to five devices on mobile and desktop. 

Our ambition behind the integration of a VPN into Secure Browser PRO for Windows is to provide technical and non-technical people with the same level of digital protection, so that privacy is accessible for everyone when browsing the web. In 2020, Avast added built-in VPNs to the premium version of its mobile browser for Android and iOS. Including it in the premium version of Secure Browser on PC signals the next step in Avast’s mission to deliver a safer, faster and more private browsing experience across devices and operating systems, and aligns with the broader company goal to enable personal control of privacy for all.

We know you're probably thinking that a browser this privacy-focused must be difficult to set up. Fortunately, this isn’t the case we’ve taken steps to ensure that setting things up is easy for everyone.

See our complete how-to on how to make the most of Avast Secure Browser PRO.

How to get started using Avast Secure Browser PRO

You can activate Avast Secure Browser PRO in three straightforward steps:

  1. Install Avast Secure Browser.
  2. Open your browser and click on the VPN icon in your address bar (URL bar).
  3. Click on “Try for Free” to open the PRO page to activate the VPN (this page will be opened in a second tab). You can choose between a monthly, yearly, biannual plan or a free trial for seven days. 

For more information, please refer to the Avast Secure Browser PRO page.

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