First MWCA was a rousing success!

Robin Selden 22 Sep 2017

Highlights from Avast’s participation at Mobile World Congress Americas.

Tens of thousands of attendees converged upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco last week for the first Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), a meeting of thought leaders in the mobile world. There were exhibits, press events, booths, demonstrations, lectures, and discussions. In addition to mobile, a big topic on everyone’s mind was cybersecurity for the internet of things (IoT). With increasingly more household devices becoming “smart” and connected and operated via mobile app, people are realizing the necessity of cybersecurity for everything.

Gagan Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Avast Mobile, spoke at the conference on the state of IoT security. In addition, there were press briefings and panel discussions on mobile security.

Of particular interest to the crowd was the live on-the-hour IoT security demo mentioned above. For this presentation, Avast featured the live hacking of a drone, which stunned the audience due to its ease and speed.


All in all, we had a terrific week at MWCA. It was the first time this global congregation met in America, and we hope it’s the beginning of a new tradition. If you stopped by the Avast booth, thank you for attending. For those of you who missed it, here are some video highlights:

Watch our welcome video: 

Check out our map of advanced intelligence threat protection: 

See the drone hack:  

Learn about Avast mobile carrier solutions: 

For more info on Avast, visit our website.

Thank you for a great week, MWCA. See you next time!

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