Safeguarding Business at CeBIT 2016

Grace Macej 22 Mar 2016

Last week's CeBIT conference brought in security experts from across the globe to Hanover, Germany.


Last week was an exciting week for professionals in the security industry. CeBIT 2016, an annual global conference with an emphasis on digital business and transformation, brought in security experts from across the globe to Hanover, Germany.

During the third day of CeBIT, Avast CEO Vince Steckler spoke on a panel titled “Safeguarding Business”.

Opening up the discussion, panel members were asked how they think about the scale of things that they protect for their clients and what they see on the horizon. Vince compared how companies (including security companies) have handled the concept of security in the past to how it’s dealt with these days, pointing out the fact that now, the real challenge that companies face is the data they protect and how they keep that data secure. The challenge on the consumer side is that people don’t often place value on data, but rather the devices that they own.

Taking an in-depth look at Safeguarding Business

Continuing the discussion, the panel expanded on the following topics:

Software production: There are a variety of methods used behind designing today’s security and antivirus software. This can affect users in many significant ways.

IoT: Many things that never used to be connected to the Internet and/or corporate data are now available for usage by both consumers and businesses alike. If exploited, these devices could act as entry points for hackers. Vince explained that the current entry point for many SMBs or consumers are unsecured, Internet-connected routers.

Cloud solutions: Companies are more and more regularly embracing cloud solutions. How does this change the security landscape? Vince stated that we’re currently experiencing “a bit of a Wild West” situation when it comes to cloud solutions. “The issue is how we get through the current state, through the Wild West, to a stable state,” said Steckler.

Watch the full panel discussion on YouTube:

For more information about how businesses can combat security risks in mobile enterprise environments, check out Vince’s keynote speech at CeBIT.

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