#AvastHackathon promotes innovation among Avast employees

Grace Macej 21 Mar 2016

Last week, Avast held a two-day Data Hackathon in our Prague headquarters.

Last week, Avast held a two-day Data Hackathon in our Prague headquarters. Our hackathons give Avast employees a chance to hone in on their creativity and resourcefulness while working together with colleagues from various other departments within the company. Hackathon teams create prototypes of apps and hardware for both internal and external use.

After forming teams and agreeing on a project, our ‘hackers’ put their heads together during the afternoon and evening of Thursday, March 17. The Data Hackathon took place in our building’s Relax Zone, which gave members the opportunity to work in the Avast library and quiet area.


After a long night of brainstorming, caffeine and snacks, the hackathon teams prepared for the series of project demos that took place on Friday afternoon.

Highlights of the 2016 Data Hackathon

14 teams participated in our Data Hackathon. A few of the resulting projects include:

  1. Data-driven HQ: A tool to start collecting useful data in our headquarters, such as how many people entered canteen at different times, collecting food ratings in real-time, and showing use of equipment in the Relax Zone.
  2. Library tracking app: This app help us spread knowledge and be cost-efficient while ordering various books for Avast employees.
  3. (Sentimental) real-time dashboards:  A solution for real-time data visualization. The team was interested in our users’ feelings, so they analyzed Twitter records and automatically inferred users' sentiments. They then aligned this with some internal data in real time, as they think the our users' sentiments can be a good prediction factor.

Our team members continue to raise the bar when it comes to producing great projects during Avast hackathons. We look forward to the next event!

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