Avast live at MWC 2019

Robin Selden 20 Feb 2019

With an emphasis on mobile threats and IoT Security, Avast is demonstrating live hacks in our booth throughout each day — come stop by!

I am so excited to dive into everything mobile at MWC and see the new and interesting advances in our industry. Yes, it’s that time again for the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where my Fitbit steps are going to reach a new all time high. And I am so happy to announce Avast has live events planned in our booth this year that will both enlighten and entertain attendees. As you likely know, the exhibition is February 25-28 in Barcelona’s Fira Gran Via conference hall, and the Avast booth, bolder than ever, will be located in Hall 7, Booth 7B44. If you’re attending, please come on by to learn more about the biggest mobile security threats and how you can protect yourself against them, and also take part in our hacking demonstrations.  You will be amazed to see how easily a smart home can be hacked. Here’s everything we’ve got lined up for the week:

Predictions for the Biggest Security Threats in 2019

Who: Presented by Avast Threat Intelligence Director Michal Salat
When: Every day at 11am & 2pm
Topic: Michal will lay out the very latest security threats and how Avast fights to protect against them. He will cover ever-evolving mobile and IoT malware and share useful tips on how users can secure their devices and protect their privacy online.

Smart Home Hack Demonstration

Who: Presented by Avast IoT Threat Researcher Vladislav Iliushin
When: Every day at noon & 3pm
Topic: Vladislav will lead a live hacking demo that shows how a cybercriminal can take control of smart devices such as smart speakers, webcams, smart TVs, and more. The demo will reveal how one vulnerable device is all it takes to open your home to prying eyes.

The Secret Life of the Internet of Things

Who: Presented by Avast Security Threat Researcher Martin Hron
When: Every day at 1pm & 4pm
Topic: Martin will take attendees behind the scenes of the IoT world. In his presentation, he will explore how IoT devices communicate within the Internet of Things. What is really happening under the hood of all of these connected devices, and can we trust them to communicate with each other safely? He’ll provide answers to these questions and share tips on how to avoid creating the Internet of Vulnerable Things.

Avast will be on the MWC exhibition floor which is open to attendees Monday (2/25) through Wednesday (2/27) from 9am-7pm, and then Thursday (2/28) from 9am-4pm. It’s going to be an intriguing week, and we hope to see you there!  Follow us throughout the show on Facebook and follow #AvastMWC on Twitter.

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