AntiTrack Premium stops trackers in their tracks

Dawn Leonetti 20 Feb 2018

The new Avast app for Windows blocks invasive trackers and gives you back your privacy.

It’s easy to buy into the notion that once you wander outside the borders of social media, the internet is an untamed wilderness of anonymity. After all, you don’t use your real name when posting on Reddit or YouTube, do you? The record of your movements through even the tawdriest corners of the web is wiped out of existence as long as you clear your browser history, isn’t it?

No. It’s not.

Clear your browsing history as much as you like—that only clears what people can see from your computer, but you can still be tracked. Internet advertisers collect data based on your shopping habits, your browsing routine, and probably even your search history. That data is aggregated with your device hardware details such as the processor type, operating system on your device, browser settings, and geographical information to create your own unique digital fingerprint. Avast AntiTrack Premium is our new privacy app for Windows PCs that protects you from being tracked by disguising that fingerprint.

Private eyes are watching you

You’ve no doubt noticed this phenomenon at some point: browse for tube socks on Amazon and advertisements for three-striped half-calves will follow you around the internet for days after the fact. The data collected on you over time allows retailers and advertisers to build an increasingly accurate profile of your personal habits, your personal beliefs, political leanings, where you live, health issues you may have, how much money you make, and even whether or not you’re pregnant—all of which is used in attempts to manipulate when and where and how you shop.  It also can affect what offers companies make (or don’t make) to you. And, it’s also entirely possible for some advertisers to track you by name.  

Your first instinct may be to install an ad blocker, but the problem there is that some ad blockers can negatively affect your browsing experience by breaking website layouts or triggering pleas to disable blocking altogether. In some cases, if you’re using an ad blocker, sites may even limit your ability to read their content.

AntiTrack is the solution

Avast AntiTrack Premium is a simple yet powerful tool that prevents you and your family from being individually recognized while browsing the web. It is actually two tools in one:  a standalone desktop application and a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. While the latter handles the business of actively protecting your privacy on the web, the former gives you access to a wealth of settings and information, ranging from scheduled automatic clearings to comprehensive privacy status reports that let you see who’s been unsuccessfully trying to spy on you. You can also clear your browsing history, cookies, and sensitive data with a single click.


And lest you think this renewed privacy must come with significant performance slowdown, worry not: as with all Avast offerings, AntiTrack Premium is hardly a resource hog. All that’s required to reclaim your anonymity is a PC running Windows (from 10 all the way back to XP), 512 MB of memory, 100 MB of free disk space, and, of course, an internet connection. Send the trackers packing and take back your privacy with Avast AntiTrack Premium.


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