May the force, but not the malware, be with you!

May the force, but not the malware, be with you!

Not very long ago, in a galaxy not far away, a group of cybercriminals decided to take advantage of the Star Wars effect to spread malware among the most impatient fans.


A lot of people cannot wait to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that’s something cybercrooks know. That’s why a lot of links that theoretically allow the download of the new movie of the popular saga appeared. As many of you can imagine, those links do not include the films, the only thing they include is malware! An idea worthy of Darth Vader!

We can see those links in popular download sites, along with a lot of comments from users that warn about the true purpose of the links: To install malware on users’ devices.


Is easy to avoid falling victim of this type of scam; just avoid clicking on suspicious links and install an antivirus, like Avast 2016, and keep it updated.

As master Yoda said: “Patience you must have, my young Padawan”.

The power of the dark side is very tempting, but do not let cravings take over you. May the Force and Avast be with you!

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