Avast team at Webexpo conference

Julia Szymańska 23 Sep 2015

Avast team at Webexpo conference

This past weekend, Prague hosted hundreds of web professionals at the Webexpo conference. Avast Software was a proud general sponsor of this event.

Avast Webexpo booth Avast was one of the sponsors of Webexpo

Attendees could meet our team at the Avast booth, try Avast technologies, and chat with our colleagues. They could also learn first hand how it is to work for the Best Czech Employer of 2013!

Those who attended the lectures could also learn from the Avast experts. It was the second time that Michal Augustýn, Avast's Lead Software Developer was invited to a podium at Webexpo. Michal, who has worked at Avast for more than 7 years, designs and develops internal systems for Avast Virus Lab. He and his colleagues are the ones directly responsible for the security of our users. He talked about continuous development and improvement of Avast Backend infrastructures that allows us to send up-to-date virus signatures to protect millions of Avast users.

Another speaker representing Avast was Alena Varkočková. Alena proves that there are also geeky girls (YAY!) and that to be a great Senior Software developer at Avast Software, you don’t have to be a guy! In fact, Avast employs around 20% of women. Alena talked about a big project she was involved in: Developing the infrastructure to communicate with Avast users via in-product messaging. Thanks to their work, our users see pop-ups informing about program updates, monthly virus reports, or new threat alerts.

A third developer represented Avast Software on Webexpo's podium - Marek Beneš. Marek, who has been with us for over 5 years, talked about the importance of monitoring your work from the developer perspective. He and his colleague Alena are responsible for development and continous releases of the virus signatures, delivered to the Avast users. They are making sure that you, Avast users, receive the best up-to-date protection.

An exciting event for the attendees of the Webexpo conference was the opportunity to ask questions to the co-founder of Avast Software, Mr. Eduard Kučera. Avast Software is considered to be the first Czech Startup and it became the most successful Czech IT company, with offices in Prague and seven other locations, to serve security products to more than 230 million users all over the world. Mr. Kučera said that the keys to our success were releasing a free version of the Avast product, great reception among its users who keep recommending Avast, and basically good luck.

Alena, Michal, and Marek are excellent world-class specialists in their fields. If you want to learn from the best follow Michal, Alena, Marek, and Avast Developers on Twitter: @AugiCZ, @alenkacz, @bblcz, @avast_dev. If you want to join the Avast team and work for a great IT company, check out our available positions.

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