Avast Mobile Security: So much more than just another security app

Avast Mobile Security: So much more than just another security app

With millions of applications waiting to be installed in our gadgets, you not only need to be concerned about quality, but you also need to take the proper measures in order to avoid your phone becoming infected by malware. Unfortunately, we already know that Google Play and the Windows Store aren’t immune to malware. Even the Apple Store has its bad days, so we're not trying to scare you. These days, malware is a continuing, growing threat.

Stay protected on multiple levels with Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security will protect you while providing you with a worry-free browsing experience. Simply install the app and you‘re good to go! Here's what you get from this multifaceted software:

  • Android protection: The free features of Avast Mobile Security ensure that your smartphone is safe from online threats and malware.
  • Incoming SMS filtration: You are allowed to block specific numbers for calls and SMS.
  • Stolen/lost device tracking: The software features anti-theft elements that provide you with remote options to track your phone location and also recover the same.
  • Warning alarms: In case you visit a website that malware infected, the software will alarm you by a warning sign or sound using its Web Shield.
  • Wi-Fi and network data usage tracking: You may be eager to know your data usage and Avast makes it quite easy. You can track your network data usage as well as Wi-Fi and perceive how much you have consumed and how much is left to use.
  • Mistyped URLs are auto-corrected: Avast Mobile Security is equipped with a SiteCorrect feature that saves users from the issues of mistyping URLs.

We invite you to check out Avast Mobile Security, free from Google Play.


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