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Avast Mobile Security users can help develop a new app

Grace Roberts, 13 August 2015

Avast Mobile Security users can help develop a new app

We all know how bothersome finding and connecting to Wi-Fi networks in public places can be -- often, we encounter frustrating roaming fees or slow connection speeds in crowded spaces. At Avast, we want Wi-Fi connection to be a safe and simple process for our users. As a result, we’re currently working on new product that will help people to detect and connect to public Wi-Fi networks without any security risk.

Introducing Avast’s new product pioneering program

We’ve recently rolled out a new feature within Avast Mobile Security called the product pioneering program. This program helps harvest nearby Wi-Fi hotspots available for users when they need to connect to public Wi-Fi networks. The feature also supports the creation and growth of our own trustworthy and up-to-date hotspot database, which we need in order to deliver information about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to our users. As we know that Avast users place great importance on their security and privacy, we are asking our users to lend us a helping hand in collecting and identifying hotspots in their local surroundings. This requires us to request the GPS position permission of our users during the installation or upgrading process of Avast Mobile Security.

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Upon installing or upgrading Avast Mobile Security, users will receive an in-app notification that informs them of our product pioneering program. If a user chooses to opt in to the product pioneering program, it is only then that his or her GPS location information will actively be gathered.

How does the program actually work?

Whenever users connect to an open Wi-Fi hotspot, we will check for an available Internet connection and then anonymously obtain the user’s location along with the name of the hotspot. We will be presenting this gathered information to our users once our Wi-Fi Finder app is ready to be launched in a few months. The app will be available for both Android and iOS.

It’s important to note that our product pioneering program gathers data anonymously from users. Specifically, the program only gathers the names and rough locations of nearby hotspots.

Our users’ participation in our product pioneering program is highly appreciated. We’d like to thank each and every one of our product pioneers in advance for their aid in helping us deliver our new product! Download Avast Mobile Security for free on Google Play.

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