What to do before your smart phone is lost [Infographic]

Deborah Salmi, 13 January 2015

When your mobile phone is lost, you can find it with the help of Avast Anti-Theft.

Prepare in advance for when you lose your smartphone.


You don't throw a Super Bowl party or go to a job interview without being prepared, so don't be caught off guard when your phone is suddenly missing. 

Most people would agree that losing their phonewith all the contacts, text messages, photos, and other irreplaceable data is worse than forgetting the Doritos at a Super Bowl party or not answering a job interview question well.

If you happen to lose your Android smart phone or tablet, or if someone steals it from you, do not despair. Our clever, FREE app, Avast Anti-theft, will help you find your phone and even, catch the thief.

antitheft infographicWhat is Avast Anti-Theft?

Avast Anti-Theft is a free standalone application designed for Android smart phones and tablets. It’s main purpose is to help you locate your lost or stolen mobile device, allowing you to track it on a map and control it remotely. 

This infographic explains what you can do with your phone if you discover that it’s missing.

Locate your device on a map

Remotely locate your phone via GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile network – for maximum accuracy.

Remotely lock your phone

Remotely lock your phone to prevent access to your personal data and settings.

Activate a siren remotely

Activate a loud, customizable siren, which reverts to maximum volume if thieves try to silence it.

If you spring for the paid version of Avast Anti-Theft, you get some additional, powerful features.

Take a photo of a would-be thief

You can set your device to lock access and take a picture of the person attempting to unlock it after three failed tries.

Remote data retrieval from your device

Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, and other personal data from your phone.

Avast Anti-Theft is available on Google Play, where it can be downloaded for free.

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