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Everything you always wanted to know about avast! GrimeFighter, but were afraid to ask!

Julia Szymańska, 13 June 2014

Everything you always wanted to know about avast! GrimeFighter, but were afraid to ask!

In April 2014, we introduced avast! GrimeFighter in 14 languages, offering our product to millions of users. Ever since then, avast! GrimeFighter became one of the most popular new products among our users. However, many of you still don't know the benefits of it or what avast! GrimeFighter does. Therefore we have prepared a series of articles to show you the functionality of our grime-fighting minions! Learn everything you always wanted to know about avast! GrimeFighter, but were afraid to ask!

1. Who are the minions?

They might look like funny characters from an animated movie. The minions, however, are serious warriors against all kind of dirt that accumulates on your computer over time. Removing "Grime" is quite a sophisticated process, and it must be done properly. Our minions must be very careful not to remove unnecessary items, as well as look through the entire system so as not to miss something. Each of the characters play an important role in the cleaning process, to achieve one common goal: Speed up your PC and optimize it's performance. Meet the "mean and lean" GrimeFighter crew:

Grime crew1

Grime crew

2. What is the "Grime" that avast! is fighting?

Over time we collect gigabytes of unnecessary data on our computers. These are not only temporary files, but also unwanted files and apps, including ‘bloatware’ and ‘crapware’. At some point, everyone who has used a computer has experienced grime – on the computer, in the browser toolbar, or in the system tray. This is a typical scenario even for most new PC purchases, as this days PC makers have pre-installed a whole bunch of apps on your new device, that you don't really need and want. All this slows down performance of your machine. By running GrimeFighter, you’ll be able to clean up your PC from all of that junk that has built up over time or came pre-installed on your PC. You’ll even get a better running machine to boot (pun intended). ;)

3. What shall I expect from avast! GrimeFighter?

In short, your PC will be a more efficient and faster running machine that will last longer. But how does it work, lots of users ask? We present a step-by-step explanation below.

a. After you restart your PC, you will see the cool GrimeFighter user interface. The first step is sedating your PC, and it will take only a few moments.

Sedating PC

b. Once sedated, you will be prompted to begin GrimeFighter.Run the GrimeFighter


c. Since our minions are getting into the deepest depths of your computer to make sure that there is no grime left, this process can take from 30 min up to 4 hours. Plan it when you won't need to actually work on your PC, as you won't be able to run any application. This would keep our minions from working smoothly. Meanwhile, you can browse safely online.


Minions work hard

d. Once our crew finishes locating all the grime, you can just click “Clean My System” and we will wipe out all the junk we’ve found and restore your PC to nearly new. Or, if you are interested in seeing the details and customizing the changes, click “Review and Edit Changes” to get to our advanced console.

Clan the system

4. Why do the minions looks so different than the rest of the avast! User Interface?

avast! GrimeFighter isn't originally an AVAST product. With the acquisition of Jumpshot, their PC optimization solution was integrated into the avast! security portfolio. The user interface and its minions were a strong part of the product identity, performing greatly. An engaging interface helped users to understand the cleaning process better. This is the reason we decided to integrate the product functionality without changing the powerful user interface of the product.

With the minion theme and user engagement, optimizing your PC performance couldn't be more fun. ~ stated in official Press Release AVAST Chief Executive Officer Vince Steckler.

5. How can I get avast! GrimeFighter?

avast! GrimeFighter is offered as standalone version, as well as additional product offered to all avast! users via the user interface. Either way, we strongly recommend you to try it first by initiating a free scan either from the user interface of avast! Antivirus 2014 or from the standalone scanning tool that can be found at our website. The scan first checks hardware and Windows compatibility (sorry, no Win 8 support at this time) and then checks for evidence of Grime!

Watch our video manual to see How to purchase avast! Grime Fighter!

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