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May 30th, 2014

Dear Download Scammers… GAME OVER

shutterstock_107284424I get asked this question pretty often: “Soooo IF you do not spend any money on advertising, or on retail presence, and nothing on pre-installations and OEMs, then how do you get new users?

Well, most often thanks to word-of-mouth. It goes something like this:

Step 1: The need

A PC user with an expiring or troublesome antivirus figures out he has a need for new security. (This does not happen to Mac users because of course they DO know Macs don’t need any AV…  ;)

Step 2: The call

A PC user calls his favorite geek or IT friend who knows EVERYTHING about computers. Yes, a PC user could also make the effort and learn about it himself, read some reviews, check some comparative tests, and so on, but that takes too much time.

Step 3: The advice

“get avast free antivirus …” OR “download avast free” OR “install avast home version”. Then your friendly geek hangs up because his time is valuable.

Step 4: The what?

The PC user is not really sure what it was he needs to do or where to go or how to spell it, but for this we have Google. So, he googles it out. Voila! Easy!

Step 5: Download

Google lists out the search results, the PC user goes to any of the top links, clicks-through to AVAST page and downloads avast! Free Antivirus. Some 15 million people do this every month, and right after they would choose install>accept>next>next>finish>thank you.

Unfortunately, between Step 4 and Step 5 things could go wrong. Which brings me to the subject of this post: the download scammers. Pretty much anybody could set up a “download” site and offer “AVAST” downloads. For as little as 10 or 20 cents per click in Google AdSense they offer re-wrapped AVAST, packaged with Conduit toolbars, Adware, installers that behave like malware, SweetPacks, data-collecting add-ons, scam pay-me tools, and pretty much anything else you can or can’t imagine.   All are advertising under our AVAST brand and doing so without our consent, and in clear violation of our end-user-license-agreement. The scammers do it for money. If the install cost is 20 cents for each click, and they generate 1 dollar for whatever they manage to install, it gets profitable.

Here is a sample of scam adverts published during 1 day:Paid_Search_Scams


Fighting this through official channels – by submitting complaints to Google – takes forever and is much like fighting windmills.

So here is a new approach, dear download scammers:

Step 1: Legal letter to give you the chance to STOP

Step 2: We will blacklist your domain as malware / PUP distribution site. In effect, you will pay for the clicks on your ads, but receive no traffic. You will have costs –but no revenue.



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  • bob3160

    Thank You Milos for attacking this ever increasing assault head on.
    I would like to mention that the Mac User also faces threats despite what Apple may say.
    There may not be as many attacks against the Mac User but, if your computer
    isn’t properly protected and you run into one of these attacks,
    it will kill your Mac just as dead as it will kill a Windows Users computer
    who isn’t properly protected.
    The good thing is that both operating systems have excellent and Free protection available
    simply by installing the OS appropriate version of avast!

  • Milos Korenko

    Yes. Indeed! It was supposed to be a sarcasm ;)

  • khagaroth

    I was one of those friendly geeks. Notice the past tense? The reason is the need to reactivate the free version every once a year. As I found out, most people are so lame when it comes to computers, they can’t even manage to reactivate their antivirus and completely ignore any warning messages. Which meant, that a year + a few weeks/months later, all the machines with avast ended up as malware infested junk.

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  • Milos Korenko

    Yes this is an issue we are well aware of and one that will hopefully be changed soon.

  • Peter

    This article is rather ironic given that the Avast download page currently redirects to CNet’s – you’ll NEVER find bundled malware and fake download adverts there! ¬_¬

  • cocodeal

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