Six reasons to download avast! Mobile Security on mom’s smartphone this Mother’s day!

Stefanie Smith 8 May 2014

Six reasons to download avast! Mobile Security on mom’s smartphone this Mother’s day!

AVAST protects your mom's cell phone Protect mom's precious memories with avast! Mobile Security

Today almost everyone and their mother has a smartphone, even your mom’s mom probably has a smartphone! Smartphones help us connect with people near or far, whether it be through traditional phone calls, text messages, photo and video sharing via apps or messaging services, smartphones have made keeping in touch routine, easy and instant. We share personal moments, large or small, with the people we love the most: our moms. All these personal moments are then stored on our smartphones, so it is imperative to protect them, which is why we think avast! Mobile Security is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Here are 6 reasons reasons to back that up:

1. Antivirus: Mom has always protected you, whether it be checking for monsters under your bed or making sure you put on a jacket before you leave the house. Now its your turn to protect your mom from mobile malware monsters from getting to her data. Our anti-virus scans apps, files and SMS for malicious malware and includes spyware.

2. Anti-theft: We all know moms are superheroes that don’t wear capes, always on the go, making sure everyone is taken care of and where they are supposed to be. We also know that mom-purses are like Mary Poppin’s never-ending bag, so it wouldn’t be surprising if mom lost her phone running between work and soccer practice drop-off or if she were to “lose” her phone in her ginormous wonder bag. avast! Anti-Theft helps locate, control and lock lost or stolen phones remotely, GPS track and sound a siren alarm, making it simple to retrieve missing devices.

3. App-locking: Since mom is always on the run, she needs to get stuff done while on the go, like online banking and shopping. Apps like these store valuable data such as credit card information and are rarely logged out of. avast! Mobile Security comes with the option of locking two apps with PIN or gesture, keeping phone thieves out of mom’s account should her phone get stolen.

4. Backup: Moms always want to know what their kids are up to, so you probably send her a lot of pictures and she most likely has every form of contact you have, whether it be your phone number, Facebook profile and email address, stored in her contacts. avast! Backup backs up contacts, SMS and call logs, and photos. Mom will not have to worry about losing your contact information, nor will she have to worry about losing that picture you sent her of yourself, the one she loves showing off to her friends when she brags about you.

5. Privacy Report and Apps Manager: Just like mom wants to meet your friends, regardless of how old you are, to make sure they are nice people; apps manager helps make sure the apps mom downloads are good and behave, like your friends! The privacy report and apps manager provides mom with insights about the apps she has downloaded and helps her understand their access rights, intentions and permissions.

6. It’s FREE: We believe that the best things in life are free: Love, hugs, smiles, laughter, good memories and avast! Mobile Security!

avast! Mobile Security can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Also available on the Google Play store is avast! Mobile Premium, which has additional features and options.

AVAST wishes all the moms, grandmas and aunts a very happy Mother’s Day!


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