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March 27th, 2014

How does avast! SafePrice work?

howto2_enQuestion of the week: I am a long time avast! Antivirus user. After a recent update, I was surprised to see something new called SafePrice. I can’t find any information on it. Please explain what it is (and also how to remove it.)

Thanks for asking. We have received some questions and comments regarding the new avast! SafePrice and its functions, so we’ll clarify what SafePrice does and how we protect your data.

SafePrice is a part of the avast! Online Security browser extension. The purpose of this feature is to help you find the best offers among participating trusted shops and to notify you about cheaper offers by displaying a small bar on the top of your browser. This ensures that you do business with trusted vendor sites, and save time by having better offers on products presented to you, rather than searching for them manually.

All personally identifiable information removed in real time

SafePrice communicates data with our server; specifically the products you are searching for, and the URLs of the shopping sites you visit. All personally identifiable information is stripped from this data in real time, as it comes into our servers, so that the data is completely anonymous. We then check for more favorable prices or coupons with our third party partner, Ciuvo. Ciuvo never receives any of our users’ personally identifiable information.

How can I deactivate SafePrice?

When SafePrice is initially installed, you are shown a welcome layer which explains SafePrice’s functions, including how to permanently deactivate it. If you don’t want to receive SafePrice recommendations, you can disable them directly in the Add-on Manager or Extension settings of your web browser. Open the browser Add-ons Manager and you’ll see a list of your add-ons. SafePrice has a disable button, so you can permanently deactivate it.

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  • Professor

    I just disabled SafePrice on my machine. As often mentioned, it wasn’t asked for and although the software is free (I know avast has to pay the bill somehow – but found that this left a gaping hole in my security) plus not one of the prices listed were accurate…perhaps Avast has been scammed (shrug).

  • Andrew

    It seems a very silly reason to get rid of avast its the best antivirus because it can do a boot scan and is excellent with false positives , you watch what happens when you install another type anti virus half your programs will be wiped out. anyway you don’t have to enable this nagware component … just disable it.

  • Michel Beauchamp

    Ok. this is worst than I thought… Updated my Avast engine this morning.

    After spending ten minutes trying to get out of the Software Scan window (thanks to a not so simple new interface), I now opened my Firefox and I am asked if I want to install SafePrice…. Hmmm came here to find out what it is, not interested really so I DO NOT ALLOW INSTALLATION, like the window is asking.

    Got to the Add-ons page, and Presto… SafePrice in a DISABLED state, i.e. it has installed the darn thing!!!!

    Avast… FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!!!!!!! Why is it that software companies always finish by finding a way of shooting themselve in the foot (or in this case, the computer stand!!!).

    Very disappointed…

  • Jack Horton

    Just out of curiosity, are you able to tell me how many customers you have lost through Avast’s promotion and use of the exact type of adware we have previously used your program to prevent?

    I am a Firefox user, so please do me the courtesy of telling me how I can REMOVE this software. I have no wish to have adware of any type on my machine, or those of my clients, so please don’t give me any malarkey about how I can “disable” it when its mere presence and the fact that it was installed by a formerly trustworthy antivirus company is totally unacceptable.

    You mention in this blog that you “need to find a way to communicate this better.” This tells me that you are more concerned with spin than fixing this issue, so like so many other posters on this blog, I will be leaving Avast.


  • Marcus Thomlinson

    I bought a security product not a marketing tool. I won’t be renewing my subscription and will be requesting a refund of unused subscription