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March 26th, 2014

Cute, but deadly. AVAST minions fight Grime!

minionsThey might look like funny characters from an animated movie, but the avast! GrimeFighter minions are a deadly force against the grime that accumulates in your computer over time. This crack team of animated minions brings AVAST users new technology that speeds, tunes up, and extends the lifespans of PCs. avast! GrimeFighter is being launched officially today in 14 languages.

“With avast! GrimeFighter we’ve integrated exceptional technology into our product that will help users benefit from their valuable PCs longer, as the minions decontaminate them from unnecessary bloatware,” said AVAST Chief Executive Officer Vince Steckler. “We are glad to offer this new product to our users to optimize their PC performance and are sure our diligent minions will put a smile on their faces.”

The Minion Team

Officer Pete, a police officer with an over-sized mustache leads the team. Other minions with names like Zilch, Torque and Dale Jumpshot, Jr. wipe browser caches, look for hardware problems, analyze your Internet speed, and disable bloatware, such as unnecessary programs and software that may have been pre-installed.

Collaboratively, the other minions examine security settings of popular applications and wireless networks, analyze the PC’s memory, hard drive, CPU and files to provide the user with a report at the end of the scan. The report is straightforward, with an option of viewing more detailed results.

Spring clean your PC

grimefighter resultsYou can scan your PC for free using avast! GrimeFighter, then pay for removal of the Grime reported. avast! GrimeFighter is available as a feature in avast! Antivirus 2014 and also as a standalone application. If you don’t have avast! Antivirus 2014, you can download it for free or purchase it from the AVAST website.

People investing in avast! GrimeFighter to make their PCs run like new again will see instant performance increases that prolong the life of their computers.

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  • pott0o

    I would like to know how to remove GrimeFighter. I have already phoned customer support and submitted a ticket. I am taking this public action as my 64 year old mother’s computer functions worse after trying to use GrimeFighter and no one at Avast seem to care about it.

    We installed the Avast anti virus after searching online. It was highly recommended. Being new to Avast we thought the optimize pc sounded like a good idea. On pressing optimize it downloads the application and asks to restart the computer.

    This is where it starts to go bad. The system restarts in GrimeFighter mode. It proceeds to go through some “cute” animation about cleaning out the grime. We then get an error that the system can’t finish due to the RAID configuration. I am no computer technician but I’m pretty sure a Windows XP machine with a single hard drive does not have a RAID configuration. The computer then locks up and has to be turned off to get it to function.

    On restarting the computer you have 5 seconds to select Windows boot up or it will go into the GrimeFighter lock up sequence. We tried uninstalling GrimeFighter per the instructions. Tried uninstalling the Avast software suite. Tried calling technical support which was interesting. Alejandro was extremely professional but he has no idea that the GrimeFighter can be run from the free antivirus download. Kristi was even worse help as her solution was to send us to paid technical support. This sounds like a malware tactic. They infect your computer and then you have to give them money to fix the problem they created. There is currently a ticket pending regarding this case but I am not expecting a favorable response as nothing has been delivered to date.

    In short if you were thinking about getting GrimeFighter, stop thinking about it and don’t do it. Avast you should be ashamed of yourselves. I can’t believe a company with so much good will about their virus protection would expose people to this garbage.

  • Marcus Taveira

    Hello pott0o,

    I am so sorry for this inconvenience.

    Could you please provide us with your support ticket number, so a specialist can access it and help you with this matter?

    Thank you

  • pott0o

    Ticket ID: CWU-192-58144

  • pott0o

    Thank you very much. My mother’s computer is now functioning without GrimeFighter. We received email instructions from Albert and applied them this evening. Perhaps the instructions could be posted in a FAQ area to assist other people. Please feel free to remove my comments. I was very frustrated with no where to turn. Thank you again for the assistance.