#AVASTteambuilding: Our orange crew chases the Northern Lights!

Julia Szymańska 24 Mar 2014

#AVASTteambuilding: Our orange crew chases the Northern Lights!

Saturday morning at 7:30 AM, 130 orange antivirus soldiers met up at the Prague Airport. We were flying to Tromsø, a city north of the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. For the next 24 hours there won't be any sleeping or a hot shower. Instead, our plan is to chase the aurora borealis (aka the Northern Lights) and most importantly get to know each other better and have fun. Check out our pictures and to see more, like us on Facebook.


On the plane an intellectual challenge awaited for the team in the form of a mathematical/analytical puzzle. The strongest AVAST brains were struggling for the correct answer for more than one hour. We had to work in teams to figure out the correct answer and the winners received the new Google Glass! Even the food was branded and secured by AVAST.


After three hours flying, we landed safely 2000 km North from Prague in Tromsø. The AVAST "orange gang" became an attraction for the locals.


Our very first stop was at Villmarkssenter. To our surprise the local guides were expecting us in the....orange outfit! We got to know how the Alaskan husky station works, and had plenty of time to play and cuddle with the friendly dogs. We promise that nothing happened to the one called "Virus!" :)



First traditional meal: Reindeer meat with vegetables, followed by chocolate cake was simply delicious. We were accumulating energy for the evening!


Nice break at the Polaria station to watch seals playing with the... ORANGE ball! March Madness - Norwegian style!


Time off to explore beautiful Tromsø.


As the sky darkened we started chasing the Northern Lights. Despite a bit of cloudy weather and snow, it was spectacular! Our guides taught us how to take pictures. The results are breath taking!




Let's face it, AVAST shines even on the Arctic Circle!

avast shines


Last, but not least AVAST hires! So if you would like to join our "orange crew" for the next team building, apply for a job with us!

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