Mobile Security: Your best protection is constant protection

Julia Szymańska, Feb 26, 2014 2:31:20 AM

Mobile Security: Your best protection is constant protection

IMG_20140225_122105 avast! doesn't stop the NSA, but it helps you BE COOL about it

More than one billion people nowadays use smartphones devices and this number is growing rapidly. With the growing numbers of mobile users accessing the internet on Android smartphones and tablets, and iOS iPhones and iPads, the number of mobile threats and attacks is rising progressively.

Mobile users store sensitive data, and engage in online banking operations, exposing devices to the modern mobile threads. You need constant protection. Not even these big names were immune from attack: German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s smartphone was hacked; Rovio, creator of popular game Angry Birds, reported that the personal data of its customers might have been accessed by U.S. and British spy agencies; and recent news of other leaky phone apps have caused people to look for ways to protect their private mobile communications.

Unprotected WiFi presents a real and present danger

Edward Snowden’s recently leaked documents revealed that the Canadian government's intelligence agency, CSEC, collected data from travelers who connected to unprotected WiFi at Canadian airports. The report also showed how the CSEC used metadata to create fairly detailed profiles of the people who surfed without VPN at those airports. We have to face the fact, that threats designed to attack mobile devices became a part of our digital life, faster than anyone anticipated it to happen!

And if it's not threats, then it's flaws in software. Apple's SSL/TLS bug makes what you transmit over the web vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle attack. So a complete stranger on a shared network can intercept all communication between your browser and a site. Let that sink in for a second - Gmail, Facebook, your bank account, that purchase on, your online dating site - everything.

The good news is that your home network is safe - if it's password-protected. Updated your iPhone or iPad to 7.0.6 and you'll be protected. For 3GS or an older iPod touch, download iOS 6.1.6. For worry-free surfing wherever you are, get a VPN.

avast! SecureLine protects your data

So your choice is to stay on secured networks all the time, or not worry and install avast! SecureLine VPN onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It automatically notifies you of the risks of connecting to unsecured WiFi, and you have the option of connecting to the secure VPN. SecureLine creates a private ‘tunnel’ for your data to travel through, and all your activities done over the internet – inbound and outbound - through the tunnel are encrypted.

avast! SecureLine VPN is available as a monthly or yearly subscription for iOS in the Apple App Store. Get it for Android on Google Play and for PCs from the AVAST website.

Get a demonstration of SecureLine VPN at Mobile World Congress booth – 5K29 in Hall 5.

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