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November 3rd, 2013

How do I access the avast! Virus Chest?

howto2_enQuestion of the week: What goes into the Virus Chest, and how do I remove what’s inside?

Potentially harmful files are stored in a safe and completely isolated place called the avast! Virus Chest. This area quarantines infected or otherwise suspicious files away from the rest of the operating system so they cannot cause damage to your other files or your computer. When files are in the Virus Chest, they are not accessible to any outside process, software application or virus and also cannot be run there. There is no danger in storing files there.

Accessing the Virus Chest is a bit different in avast! 2014. AVAST Evangelist, Bob G., made a short video showing how to get to it. Watch it now:

 Extracting or Deleting files

If you need to copy a file from the Virus Chest to a specific location, right-click on the desired file (or highlighted multiple files) in the contents table on the Virus Chest screen and select ‘Extract‘ from the menu, then select the location where the file should be saved and click ‘OK’.

Any file in the Virus Chest can be permanently deleted. All you do is right-click on the desired file (or highlighted multiple files) in the contents table on the Virus Chest screen and select ‘Delete’ from the menu. Afterwards, you can check that the deleted file has been removed from the contents table on the Virus Chest screen.

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  • bob3160

    The Virus Chest is still reachable through the User Interface in the following way:
    Open the UI, select Statistics then Component Status then look for and click on “items stored in the Virus Chest”
    What I outlined in my little video simply made it easier and faster. :)

  • Peg

    Is it safe once a virus is in the chest to delete them?

  • bob3160

    I would wait a month to make sure it wasn’t a false positive. If at the end of the month it’s still detected and you haven’t come across a program affected by this detection, then deleting it should be fine.

  • Tony Gale

    How do I open a file that is a false positive? It keeps moving it back to teh chest

  • Grzegorz Matusiak

    My Archeage EARLY START was wasted because of this !

  • trece

    how to view files in the virus chest?? some of my very crucial info was moved to the virus chest

  • Ishara

    I need to get a file from the chest but every time i try to restore it or extract it, avast pops up and takes it back to the virus chest. But i really need some files, is there anyway I can access them without harming my laptop?

    • The Saint

      restore and add to exclusion

  • Subhash

    if avast antivirus uninstalled how do I recover the files from which were in chest?

  • Usep Saepulloh

    Thank you, this is very helpful. I reported a global exclusion (false positive) for a program file (daemon tools lite v. 4.4.9). Thank you Avast!