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September 17th, 2013

How your social networks can hurt you during a job hunt

In a blog post published back in June, we shared the stories of a few unfortunate people who were fired from their jobs or passed over for a job promotion because of over-sharing on social networks. If you are looking for a job and wonder why you are not getting a call back, it could be because of what’s on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles.

A new survey from Jobvite says that more than 90% of HR managers and recruiters report reviewing job candidates’ social profiles during the hiring process. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are still the recruiters social networks of choice – but they are also looking through blogs, YouTube channels, Yammer, Instagram and other networks to source talent. Based on what they find, 42% of companies said they reconsidered hiring candidates.

Posts related to illegal drug use and those of a sexual nature met with universal disapproval. Profanity, and grammar and punctuation errors in posts and tweets trigger negative reactions among recruiters over 60% of the time. On the other hand, posts which share your volunteering gigs or donations to charity give recruiters a positive feeling about hiring you.



Read our tips on giving your social profiles a makeover during job hunting time.

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  • RejZoR

    That’s a bit stupid classification. So, only + is to volunteer or donate to charities. Really? So, for example working with art or lets say photography and use that on social networks isn’t a positive thing? Or to love spending time with your pets or family? Or to be greatly engaged into music in one or another way. And being a political or a fanatic religious nutcase makes you neutral where spelling in a place where you just forget about the real world and just do a cyber chill makes it negative? That’s a bit daft assumption. I nearly never write grammar perfect languages on internet unless i’m writing an article that is meant to be that way. And wouldn’t expressing no political views make you neutral opposed to expressing your political views constantly? So basically they make bunch of clueless assumptions based on your social networks profile. Deary me… the guys at Jobvite have no clue what they are doing and businesses will be denying perfectly fine people to get a job just because some clueless analyst company said so. Oh dear. No wonder people can’t get jobs these days when everyone make some idiotic tests and analysis of candidates. What was wrong with old fashion way of just normally interviewing candidates? It has worked for decades before, but today they all want to show that they use some fancy way (that apparently doesn’t work at all and makes them look stupid). Galactic fail.