AVAST #SecurityTip contest: The best of round 1

Julia Szymańska 13 Sep 2013

AVAST #SecurityTip contest: The best of round 1

The first round of the AVAST #SecurityTip contest has ended. Users participate by sharing their knowledge with others and at the same time they get a chance to win free avast! Mobile Premium and avast! Internet Security licenses, as well as Nexus 7 tablets and a Nexus 4 smartphone. The contest has four rounds and each week we will ask you a different question. So, don't miss your chance! Enter here, to submit your tip.

During Round 1, we asked participants the following question:



Now we would like to share with you the most valuable, creative, and helpful tips to keep kids stay safe online. Here they are:

Tip 1. Listen up, kids. NEVER give your password away, even to your “best friend”. ~Sheila E.

Tip 2. Never accept requests from strangers. Always alert parents when strangers want to contact you or chat with you on-line. ~Patricia H.

Tip 3.
If you want to stay online and safe,
Remember what I’m about to say,
There is no safe place in web,
Even in the government’s lab,
So not to make your computer bleed,
Grab antivirus software, that’s what you need.
~Łukasz J.

Tip 4.
Talk with children about cybercrime
Teach your child to log out of any system
Change the privacy settings of the social network
Teach the child to be wary of links
Have a good security software
Besides teaching not to talk to strangers on social networks or provide any address or photo to anyone.
~Ewerton S.

Tip 5. In addition to installing Avast Antivirus, and Online Security, I suggest setting up your browsers security settings. When you go to a site that states it may be harmful, click the "Get Me Out Of Here" button. No exceptions. ~Reginald L.

Check our blog on Monday to see a list of winners of Round 1 and get ready for Round 2:



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