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July 3rd, 2013

avast! Free Antivirus is the best deal for the Real World

In the “real world” of monthly bills and rising expenses, a decision about antivirus protection often comes down to the best protection for the money – and that’s where avast! Free Antivirus wins out over the rest.

In the May 2013 Real-World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives, avast! Free Antivirus was up against 19 paid-for internet security suites which could cost the customer up to  $60 per year. avast! Free Antivirus passed the tests with honors and was the only free solution to receive the Advanced+ rating!

The test created a real-world scenario using a typical setup that many of us have; Windows 7 and software such as Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader, Java, etc.  To show how well antivirus products protect the user’s computer when surfing the web, the testers pitted AVAST and the others against threats we encounter in everyday life. They used  431 current dangerous exploits, URLs with known malware, and even a few malicious files from email attachments. avast! Free Antivirus blocked 99.3% of the threats.

AVComparatives Real World test


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  • LarryStoodley

    I am impressed but I don’t see Norton on the list as I have Norton internet security I would have liked to compare. If you want me to change I need that.

  • mato

    Perfekt unser Avast, weiter so :-)

  • David008

    Very Good avast! team, keep working!

  • Deborah Salmi

    Hello, thank you for your messagesm David008 and mato. We are happy to know that you are a fans of avast! Antivirus.

    LarryStoodle, Norton has chosen not to participate in AV-Comparatives testing. But, you can compare AVAST to Norton and other solutions with our comparison app on Facebook. Click here to get to the app,