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June 19th, 2013

AVAST introduces a new #hashtag weekend challenge

useavastThe Hashtag system, created by Chris Messina in 2007, became Twitter’s trademark. The other social networks, notably Instagram, Google+, and Tumbr followed Twitter’s “Hashtag policy”; however it was still not available on Facebook, until now! Finally, users of the biggest social platform can follow and create conversations across the world, by adding a simple Hashtag symbol (#) before the word.The AVAST Social Media team is very excited about this feature and would like to introduce you to a new #hashtag challenge available across the social media platforms.

Now the fun part: Utilize the following Hashtag: #useAVAST” to let everybody know why you personally recommend our free Antivirus solution. Be creative, be funny, be free.

We will award in two categories:

  • Most creative/funny recommendation
  • Most convincing recommendation


  • Challenge is open from June 22-June 23 from 12AM-12AM CET
  • Use the following,  #useAVAST, in the text of your recommendation (position in the text is not relevant)
  • Use following social networks: Google+, Twitter or Facebook to enter the challenge
  • AVAST Software Social Media team will select a recommendation in each category from each social network Google +, Twitter and Facebook (another words 6 recommendations in total will be awarded)
  • Additionally we will award the most liked (on Facebook), most Re-Tweeted (on Twitter), and most +1 messages on Google+ recommendation, so don’t forget to invite your friends to vote for yours!
  • By participating in the challenge, the grants AVAST Software non-exclusive rights to distribute it, and communicate it to the public by all means known now or in the future, including the explicit consent to use his/her profile picture and the name of participant


  • One year free license for avast! Premiere

Thank you for participating and please make sure you follow us on

Facebook Google +TwitterInstagram

Note: Due to current linguistic capacity of AVAST Social Media team, we have to limit our hashtag challenge to the English language. Soon other languages will follow.





  • bob3160

    #bob3160 loves #useAvast

  • Julia Szymańska

    Hi Bob, :) Thank you for your reaction to my blog. Happy to hear you love to #useAVAST :)Please make sure you will participate in our challenge this weekend. :) We are looking forward to it! Greetings from sunny and hot Prague!

  • mouad4ever

    #useAVAST Great AVAST Worldwide …. i use it several years . just AVAST for ever

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