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We are looking for a Japanese and Brazilian Queen/Kings of AVAST FREEks!

Julia Szymańska, 15 March 2013

We are looking for a Japanese and Brazilian Queen/Kings of AVAST FREEks!

Part time job for a social media agent :)

Do you blog, comment, respond, post, chat, like, re-tweet, add to circles, pin…? Do you monitor what’s hot on social media in your language? Do you have 2 hours a day that you can fully dedicate to avast! social media? Can you be the eyes and ears of avast! in your country as if your own reputation depended on it?

We seek a highly motivated individual with experience and fanatical passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation to simply communicate with avast! followers in your mother tongue. You will help us approach new users in your country, so we can spread avast! Free Antivirus across the globe!

This is a part time position – at least 10 hours a week

That will not happen to you :)



What we expect from you :)

  • You are a social media addict who can work individually and with a team
  • You are a native speaker of Japanese and Portuguese… (One is enough, but if for some reason you are a wonderful child… let us know!) and your English is communicative
  • When you want to meet with friends you don’t text them. You organize event on Facebook :)
  • When someone ask you to Hangout, you immediately add this person to your Google+ circles :)
  • You can actively participate in conversations that surround our content and brand and manage social properties (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and/or a country-specific channel) daily
  • When you find interesting tech news, product issues, or discover success you share it with your team members
  • You create new content that interests your particular audience and cross-share for use across Avast social channels
  • You suggest new social opportunities (that next great Facebook thing) to build our community in your country
  • You appreciate excellent customer service and according to this you select brands, places where you go for lunch, coffee or to travel

What you can expect from us :)

  • Great experience in social media, lots of fun, space for creativity and new ideas!
  • Fantastic team atmosphere and close cooperation within international environment with Deborah (American, currently in Florida, USA, before living in China, Finland) and Julia (Polish, currently leaving in Prague, Czech Republic, before UK and Russia) Meet the avast! Queens of the FREEks.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work remotely
  • Attractive offer, based on performance

Interested? :)

Send us your CV, link to your blog, Twitter profile, Google + and a letter explaining why you want to be a Queen or King of the AVAST FREEks in English and your mother tongue on email address: