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5 Question with Petr Bucek - social media support specialist

Julia Szymańska, 25 January 2013

5 Question with Petr Bucek - social media support specialist

Petr BucekWe are excited to share news with you. Our two-person, social media team now offers professional support. :) Since December 2012 Peter Bucek has been helping us respond to your technical and customer care inquiries in English, Spanish, and of course, Czech language. We are pleased to welcome Peter on the board and introduce him to YOU.

I have known Peter since I started 5 years ago with AVAST Software. When I joined the company in 2008 we have been working together in the support team. Peter is a very friendly, kind and cheerful person, always willing to help not only the customers but also other colleagues. Despite the rather routine job, he kept his creative and innovative attitude towards everyday tasks. He came up with idea of creating video manuals. Now thanks to Peter we can easily check: How to download, install and customize avast! Antivirus. He is a proud father of two lovely kids: a boy Jonáš and a girl Emma .

So let’s hear the voice of Peter. :)

Peter has worked in AVAST Software since November 2006. Peter, how, in your opinion, has the company changed during this time and how is our support team changing?

AVAST Software has changed a lot indeed. In the last 6 years avast! has grown up from a company with a family atmosphere consisting of 50 members to a global company with employees from all over the world. We switched from small offices with an atomic bunker in its cellars to a modern AC offices protected by a “wizard” tower, where our board of directors and management oversee all daily matters. avast! support changed in a similar way - it grew 10 times bigger and is now able to professionally handle customers satisfaction in many more languages.

Where does your passion for languages come from, and how did you learn Spanish?

I always liked diversity – in nature, culture, and people. An usual thing for one might be unbearable for another from a different part of world. I went to Spain after finishing my studies, spending two marvelous years in Barcelona, "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", and half a year in Málaga in the South of Spain. That's where I learnt Spanish – both in school and city streets.

Is there any difference between providing customer care on social media or via classical support channels?

There is no major difference; however customer care on social media must be done carefully bearing in mind everyone’s privacy. You cannot sit down in crowdy restaurant talking loudly about other person's address, the amount of money he has in a bank account and so on. Having no private information about a customer makes some cases more difficult to solve. The atmosphere in a pub is on the other hand friendlier.

What was the most remarkable communication with a customer you could recall?

I do not recall a particular customer. What comes to my mind is a range of customers from the United States, who gladly refer to their Czech relatives as soon as they realize that we are a Czech company. One of them with my name (Bucková) even tried to trace down all my relatives and convince me that our families are connected. It was quite funny. I believe that all humans have the same root though and there is no reason to fight among us but to unite us, for example under avast! Community.

How would you describe your ideal day away from the office?

I love nature and my mind always calms and relaxes when I lay down on a beach listening to the sea or if I make trip to Czech mountains and woods. A forest formed by arches of trees is my personal cathedral.