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Encrypt unsecured Wi-Fi for Apple iOS

Deborah Salmi, 17 January 2013

Encrypt unsecured Wi-Fi for Apple iOS

SecureLineDo you use your mobile device to check email, use social networks or log in to your bank account while sipping a double mocha latte at your favorite coffee shop or while waiting for your next flight? That’s risky considering you cannot count on public Wi-Fi hotspots that you find in cafes, coffee shops, airports, schools, and hotels to be secure. Remote cybercrooks, and even the guy sitting a couple of tables from you sipping coffee, can use software to eavesdrop and snoop which could result in stolen credit card information and passwords or full-blown identify theft.

With new avast! SecureLine for iOS you can secure your wireless internet connection when using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod on a Public/Open Wi-Fi network. Here’s how it works:

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. avast! SecureLine VPN creates a private ‘tunnel’ through the internet for your data to travel through, and everything inbound and outbound through the tunnel is encrypted. Data is decoded at the VPN server, using advanced encryption protocols. Handy features also detect and filter malicious URLs, block ads in the browser and apps, or can compress your transferred data which saves your mobile data plan and enables access to US-only content. :-)

Download avast! SecureLine for iOS from iTunes.


  • Protection of unsecure Wi-Fi networks
    • Prevent people from spying on your activity and even taking over your online accounts
  • Privacy: IP Anonymization
    • Web sites won’t be able to track you by your IP address
  • Region/country selection
    • Freely surf in countries that censor/limit internet access
    • Access content limited to certain territories (e.g. get to your Hulu account from Europe)
  • Data compression*
    • Reduce data usage and improve speeds for browsing and networked app
    • Save battery life by reducing networking activity
  • Malware and phishing protection
    • Does not require use of a custom browser; works for any browser, even the default Safari with iOS
    • Prevent visiting malicious sites from compromising your device or your online accounts
    • Stop non-web based attacks from reaching your device
    • Block malicious apps from communicating with their control servers

Unique features

  • Ad Blocking
    • Block mobile ads in the browser and blocks in-app ads
    • Save bandwidth and improve network speeds
  • Typosquatting protection
    • Detect mistyped URLs and direct you to your intended sites

*Between data compression and ad-blocking, early results are showing a 25% - 50% reduction in data usage.