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October 8th, 2012

Fake “Bad Piggies” infect Google Chrome users

Bad Piggies, the spin-off game to Rovio’s wildly popular Angry Birds, hit the online stores last week, and following in its sizable wake were fake versions designed to install an aggressive adware program into Chrome browsers. Reportedly, over 83,000 Google Chrome users have been infected.

Cybercrooks found a niche because Bad Piggies is only available for Android devices on Google Play (free) or Apple devices ($0.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad) on iTunes. Free versions of Bad Piggies that claimed to be from the creators of Angry Birds appeared on the Chrome web store shortly after the release. The top 3 listed are called Bad Piggies, but they are from different companies; padeba,, and the HD version from HitsGames. They have over 13,000 downloads.

Reviews of the games reveal the anger and disappointment of Rovio fans.

Fake. Not Bad Piggies, instead its a link to a TERRIBLE website.Reported. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T EVER DOWNLOAD IT. IT’S A LINK TO A CRAPPY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!

Fake. Should be ashamed for abusing the fame of a good game company.

Not only does this worthless “app” just take you to a webpage, it’s a worthless knockoff of angry birds. 100% spam and should be banned from posting any other apps.

In addition to being a lousy fake of the authentic game, researchers from Barracuda Labs report that the plug-in installs aggressive adware that displays additional advertisements into sites like eBay, IMDB, Yahoo and MSN.

“Because this fake app asked permission to access your data on all websites, it has the potential to steal sensitive personal information like contact lists and credit card numbers,” said Jindrich Kubec, Avast VirusLab senior analyst. “Our advice is to uninstall the app immediately and change passwords on other sites.”

  • DoubleAughtCode

    WAIT A SECOND… didnt this become the ‘safe browser’… what for? What would be nice is to be able to assign our own borwser of choice for the virtualized SAFE DESKTOP.

    Boy, arent you guys glad you removed it from autoinstalling, like it began? Problem with open-source these days is anyone can open it up and find its REAL holes. You can bet this is the first of many to come.

  • droyvig

    It’s better to download “DIRECT” either from iTunes or Goggle Play. But bear in mind .. before downloading make sre you got the latest and updated AVS (Anti-Virus Software) that you are currently using. Anyway..

    Below are the direct links for such downloads of “Bad Piggies” and yes Virginia, there’s no Santa Claus as Apple says.. “it’s not free on iTunes (iPad)” =( waahh…

    [] Google Play (Android):

    [] iTunes (iPad, iPhones):

    *** You might want to visit the OFFICIAL ROVIO Site and here it is:

    As with all applications, etc. (In General) Ca’veat Emptor – Buyers Beware.