How do I use avast! to remotely access another computer?

Deborah Salmi 20 Sep 2012

How do I use avast! to remotely access another computer?

Question of the day: My mom’s computer is having problems. I heard I can remotely access her computer using avast? How do I use that feature?

Our remote assistance tool enables you to give another person remote access to your computer. This can be useful if you are having difficulties and want another person to take control of your computer to help resolve the problem.

If you need to request assistance from another person, click “Allow Remote Control.” Avast! will generate a code that you need to provide to the assisting person. To transfer the code to the other party please do it by telephone, email or chat. By sending the code you are granting remote access to your computer to the other person. After they take control, this dialog disappears automatically.

In your mom’s case, it’s you who will be providing the remote assistance, so click on "Control Remote Computer." Enter the code which you receive from her, then click the "Connect" button. When the connection is established, this dialog disappears and the remote desktop window appears.

To close the connection press the Alt+Shift+End shortcut. Good luck!

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