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August 16th, 2012

How do I know avast! Antivirus is protecting me?

Question of the Week: How do I know my avast! Antivirus is protecting me against the latest viruses?

With avast! Antivirus 7, you get each virus signature sent to you in real-time via a connection to the AVAST Virus Lab cloud, rather than needing to wait for a traditional database update. Your database will be continuously updated with the latest definitions.

To ensure this works efficiently, the auto update should be turned ON so that your virus definitions are updated automatically whenever you are connected to the internet. When you open the program’s main window, it will tell you the current security status of your computer. By clicking on “Show details” you can see the current status of the virus definitions.

If you have reason to believe that your virus definitions have not updated, you can access various features of the program by clicking on the orange avast! icon located in your computer’s system tray instead of going through the main user interface. When you right click on the avast! icon, a short menu will appear. Click Update > Engine and virus definitions to see if your virus definitions are up-to-date.

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