“avast!, you little minx…”

Deborah Salmi 16 Jul 2012

“avast!, you little minx…”

Early Monday morning in the quiet AVAST Software headquarters office in Prague, we walked bleary-eyed to the coffee machine for our morning jolt. To our surprise, the peacefulness of the morning was broken by delighted laughter coming down the hallway. Curious that someone could be so cheery this early, we followed the sound and discovered our colleague reading this extraordinary email from a student in New Zealand. It made our day, so we decided to share it with you. Here it is:

"I’m going to set the scene, I’m a 20 yr. old student from New Zealand and as with many fellow students the purse string are quite tight. Day by day I watch my Norton antivirus warn me, “1 week until subscription ends,” “4 days until subscription end,” 3, 2, 1…. 0. I’m vulnerable from all sides; my platoon has abandoned me deep in enemy territory. Norton Scum! I trusted them, but it turns out they’re only concern was the slim funds in my bank account. I can’t be forking out cash willy nilly, I eat rolled oats 4 meals out of 5. You’re not getting my money Norton, you have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

Deserted. Alone. The Viruses and malware creeping ever closer by the second… what can I do? Stop the aimless wandering through the internet that my generation has taken to so well? I think not. Determined to press on I continue, ever aware of the knot in my throat and the diminishing speed of my laptop. Then, as if a World Wide Web guardian angel had heard my prayers – AVAST! - Clouds part, sunbeams shine down like golden pillars supporting the heavens themselves. A 1-year antivirus free for the little man, for the struggling student, the single mother, the small business owner. You sir/madam have restored my faith in humanity, you’re not like the rest of them - those bloody beaked vultures, owned by greasy handed suits getting their daily warm fuzzies from the sight of their bank digits, you know (Norton!).

So, I commend your charity, if avast! antivirus was a person, we would get along (even more so if avast! was a slender twenty something of the female variety), I would possibly buy you a drink in a bar, invite you back to my dingy flat and enjoy your refreshing character with nothing but the upmost respect that you deserve.

Avast!, you little minx, keep on keeping on. Thanks for the protection, I think I might even upgrade to the full version when my free time is up.

Kind regards and thanks,

B. W.

P.S.) If by any chance you are a "twenty something of the female variety" user of avast! in New Zealand, and would like to meet the author, please write us. Who knows, this could be the start of an avast! matchmaking service! Little minx, indeed… ;-)

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