Symantec wants to snatch .antivirus TLD

Symantec wants to snatch .antivirus TLD

You might have noticed the little revolution announced some time back by ICANN with respect to the new unlimited horizons in Top Level Domain registrations. Instead of the standard generic domains (i.e. .com, .biz, .org, and so on) or country specific domains (such as .uk, .fr, or others), it is possible now to register pretty much anything. For example, www.milos.korenko – which I will certainly not do, because the registration costs is WHOPPING $185,000 plus an extra $25,000 annual fee.

Over 1,900 domains were applied for (a nice $357M business for ICANN ;) and obvious brand names such as Amazon, Apple, or BBC have applied. But I was wondering who from the antivirus industry would apply for generic TLD with their brand name. And as far as I could see, only Symantec came forward with application for .symantec and .norton. But surprise, surprise, aside from their brand names they want also:



.protection, and (!)


I’m sure they can afford it, but what makes Symantec believe they have the best right to own the .antivirus domain is a little mystery to me.

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