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June 14th, 2012

Symantec wants to snatch .antivirus TLD

You might have noticed the little revolution announced some time back by ICANN with respect to the new unlimited horizons in Top Level Domain registrations. Instead of the standard generic domains (i.e.  .com, .biz, .org, and so on) or country specific domains (such as .uk, .fr, or others), it is possible now to register pretty much anything. For example, www.milos.korenko – which I will certainly not do, because the registration costs is WHOPPING $185,000 plus an extra $25,000 annual fee.

Over 1,900 domains were applied for (a nice $357M business for ICANN ;) and obvious brand names such as Amazon, Apple, or BBC have applied. But I was wondering who from the antivirus industry would apply for generic TLD with their brand name. And as far as I could see, only Symantec came forward with application for .symantec and .norton. But surprise, surprise, aside from their brand names they want  also:



.protection, and (!)


I’m sure they can afford it, but what makes Symantec believe they have the best right to own the .antivirus domain is a little mystery to me.

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  • Tech

    “Best right”? Isn’t it only a question of paying? If you can register common names, well, it will be a mess and only a way they make more money…

  • shahbhavik

    who cares if they have .antivirus domain or any other domain..there is no use of such things until they have a strong product..

  • akers.mj

    As far as I’m concerned… let them! If they want to spend over $1.1M in getting their name out there, so be it. It’s not going to make their product any better. People aren’t going to search Google for anything that says .symantec, .norton or .antivirus. They’re going to search for Antivirus or Norton or something like that if they’re looking for their product. To me, a TLD is nothing more than a waste of money that will be passed on to their product consumers. At the end of the day though, if it walks, swims, flies and quacks like a duck – then it’s a duck. (But if it winds up with a “.toilet” address then it’s probably a turd!)

  • http://donothave artydodge

    Of course it’s money. Since when does anyone give a crap about anyone’s rights?Look at employment!Does anyone care that a regular job cannot be found because of the usurping of kindness by interlopers?So far the worst possible aberration of common decency is glaring and painfully evident in the massive take over of everything possible by computer world giants. It is a ridiculous conversation to discuss why they a doing it. Most of the time the products they offer on line don’t even work properly.