AVAST reaches 150 million active users

AVAST reaches 150 million active users

If you are planning to visit Europe these days or actually live here… get ready for some very cold weather and temperatures much lower than normal. -37 degrees Celsius is not a temperature to be enjoyed and we have it here in Czech Republic. Well not everywhere – just in the mountains - but even the -20 we are likely to have tomorrow in Prague is calling for some extra defensive measures: Stay at home. Keep warm. Sip mulled wine. Read a good book. Watch the TV - or - get on the internet to chat, browse, and socialize.

Of course, from a more global point of view… you could argue that -20 degrees is actually a pretty nice summer temperature, especially in Antarctica. They have “summer” there right now. And that brings me nicely to the ‘active users’ count. To make sure we have decent understanding how many users have our product installed, we measure how many are getting an update of the virus definitions database. And, with each update, we can locate the user to a particular country or region based on the GEO IP. It is heartwarming to see that every “Antarctic summer” we have a handful of avast! users updating their virus definitions from Antarctica. So whoever is down there: Enjoy the summer, mulled wine, good book and internet browsing. Or what else you do getting through those temperatures. And please send me a note on how well avast! antivirus is handling in the local weather ;)

VIDEO: here is a recent map of the global avast! presence. Pretty good coverage.

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