What’s hot at AVAST Software?

Julia Szymańska 18 Jan 2012

What’s hot at AVAST Software?

The second week of January 2012 started with amazing growth in terms of numbers for AVAST Software. Numbers and stats might not sound that “hot” and maybe you are wondering why I would write a blog post about it, but these numbers are REALLY HUGE and it is YOU – our avast! Community – who greatly helped us to achieve such results. Look at this:

1. Over 500,000 – fans of the avast! antivirus official page on Facebook.

In comparison: in January 2011, we had approximately 50,000 fans. Without investing any money into advertising, this number multiplied by 10! Actually I should say that YOU multiplied this number for us. Well done, guys! What is truly amazing about it is not only how quickly the number of new fans grew, but also how involved our fans are.:)

2. Over 1,000,000 people installed on their smartphones avast! Free Mobile Security – the new anti-theft and anti-malware app from AVAST Software – in just 16 days. I believe that no further comment is required about this. :)

3. Last but not least, we have reached 190,000,000 software user registrations and we are getting close to 150,000,000 active avast! users (those who have received at least 1 virus database update within the last 30 days). More live stats at: http://www.avast.com/facts

So here’s a big thank you to all our online communities – throughout the universe. Thank you for using and recommending avast! Antivirus, helping each other, and bringing fresh ideas to continually improve avast! antivirus solutions. Without you, we would have no purpose.







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