Android, new users, and you

Android, new users, and you

You asked for it and here it is … avast! Free Mobile Security, the new app for your Android phone.

In just a few days after its placement in the Android Market, our app has been downloaded by well over 100,000 users. Now we want to know how many people will download this app within the first six weeks of its official launch, from December 22 to February 10.

You tell us the correct number and we will give you a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Just go to our Facebook page, click on the contest tab, and add your estimate along with your contact details. It’s that simple.

You don’t have too much time. The contest kicks off on December 22 and you have only four weeks - till January 19 - to join in the fun.

Your friends also have a chance to win. We are giving away TEN Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones to the ten individuals closest to the actual number of downloads registered as of 10:00 CET on February 10, 2012. In addition, we are giving away an additional 300 one-year licenses to our premium avast! Internet Security for the next 300 closest answers.

The number of downloads could be huge – but we just don’t know.

Before we launched avast! Free Mobile Security, a poll of avast! users showed that 19% had Android phones. Of these, 56% said they would be interested in a free avast! security app for their phone.

This holiday season, there are many people that will acquire their first smartphone – and a majority of these will likely be Android phones. According to Gartner research, by end 2011, there will be over a billion smartphones in use around the globe, and a whopping 51% of them will be Android phones. That is a lot of phones to be used, lost, or even stolen.

We’d like to help Android users keep their new toys in good hands – and we’d like to place a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus directly in yours. Tell a friend and make your guess.


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