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December 7th, 2011

New avast! giveaway coming soon

Last year on December 1 we had 40,000 fans on Facebook. It’s been a year and we now have over 420,000 fans!! This is incredible word-of-mouth growth and we are very proud to have such a loyal and developing community.

To show appreciation for your support and to celebrate the launch of our new avast! Free Mobile Security (coming soon!), we decided to organize a contest for our Community.

This year’s giveaway will be organized differently than last year’s. Some of you remember our 2010 Winter Quiz and have asked for a similar promo, so we are preparing another Facebook contest. More details will be available with the launch of our Android security, but here are the prizes we will be offering:


  1. Grand prize (10 winners): Android phone, free avast! Internet Security license, and a t-shirt
  2. Second prize (300 winners): free avast! Internet Security license.

The contest will begin a day after the official launch of avast! Free Mobile Security. This will be announced on our avast! Facebook page. Please follow it next week and don’t miss your chance to win a prize! :)


Keep your fingers crossed :)

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  • RejZoR

    I like the giveaway (do want a new Android phone, my Wildfire is showing its age) but i don’t like things being limited to Facebook. I don’t like Facebook and i’m probably not the only one.

  • Julia Szymańska

    Hello, indeed this time we decided to run a contest on Facebook. Thank you for your comment, we will consider some alternative for a future competition, so people who don’t use Facebook can also participate. Best regards form Prague!

  • Tech

    Julia… Will this see the light or not? We’re anxious :)

  • Julia Szymańska

    Ola Tech, of course it will :)) We are just waiting for official launch of product, to start the contest. Coming before X-mas!
    Best from Prague

  • Tech

    Good… Waiting like children for the Christmas :)

  • Julia Szymańska

    LOL :D

  • Angzte

    Can you not just email all the registered users you have with the competition stuff, etc.
    I also don’t use facebook, not because I don’t like it, but I am an old codger (look that up) and I see facebook as a bit of a waste of my precious time (but I do like the idea of contacts updating themselves!).
    PS. Your surname is great. Like a complicated password.

  • spg SCOTT

    Unfortunately I doubt that, avast don’t contact you via email like that. Though I wouldn’t mind it, I’m sure many wont like it…just as they don’t like other things of the same nature…like the news popups that you used to get in old versions, or ads in the newer versions…

    I feel the same way about the facebook competition as RejZoR and others…and kinda leaves out some of the community that avast loves…nevermind, we can only hope the next one will be via the website/blog :)

  • Hippy

    I to feel that this is both exclusionary and unnecessary there are lots of Loyal Avast users out there (I even recomend it to friends and customers) that hate facebook and Im not about to give out my private information for the sake of a contest. Come one Avast! show your loyal users you care enough to make the effort to include all of us.