avast! Free Mobile Security BETA

avast! Free Mobile Security BETA

Christmas is getting ‘awfully’ close for all the husbands – me included – who still don’t have any gift for their wives (no gift and no idea for one.) Yes, it is only 18 days left - time to panic. Of course, the kids are excited, having no such pressures. And just like the kids, the other people who are absolutely excited about the fact that Christmas is around the corner are the mobile phone producers. The fourth quarter of the year is the season to be merry as sales of new devices skyrocket and reach record highs. Economic crises or not… this year will be no exception. It is therefore a good time to introduce a security solution that will ensure your new shiny phone is protected.

Today, we made a BETA version of our new avast! Free Mobile Security available to the public. We have included all possible antivirus and anti-theft features… in the FREE version. Here’s a short list:

  • Real-time protection
  • Scanning of apps before install
  • Web Shield
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Remote locate
  • Remote siren
  • SIM-card change notification if somebody steals you phone and tries to change the SIM card to a new number (yes, you will get info on what the new number is)
  • and even remote picture-taking from the front or back camera!

And many more. The full list is here at the Android Market. Have a look.

Did I say when we will launch the final product? Soon. Very soon. Christmas is getting ‘awfully’ close, you know. ;)

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