Julia Szymańska

25 November 2011

Where’s Thomas? AVAST Software is looking for its 180 millionth registered user

In early November, somewhere on planet earth, “Thomas” downloaded a copy of avast! Antivirus, completed his online registration, and has since been protected from an array of malware and infected websites.

That is just the start. Thomas – the name he registered under – is also the 180 millionth registered user of avast! Antivirus and has won an expenses-paid trip to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic.

We have sent Thomas several emails to let him know that he’s a winner. So far, there has been no response. “We really do want to find him and give him this prize,” says Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “Not only are we the only security software with over 180 million registered users, we are also the only one rewarding our users. I enjoyed meeting Fabricia from Brazil and I would like to meet Thomas.”

Thomas, you might not even know that you are a winner. This is why, AVAST is urging anybody with a friend named Thomas to check and see if he has recently downloaded a copy of avast! Free Antivirus. If so, he should check his inbox for an email for a message from Ms. Szymanska. ( Yes, from me :) And remember, Thomas has won an expenses-paid trip to Prague FOR TWO. He should come with a friend, and who else to choose but that good friend who reminded him to check his emails. More information and a contact form can be found here.

AVAST Software registers around 100,000 new users daily. Based on the current adoption rate, the 200-millionth user will be registered in early 2012. “We are planning a really special prize for that person but we would like to find Tomas first,“ quipped Mr. Steckler. :)



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