Are you Cheap or Frugal? Take our quiz to find out.

Deborah Salmi 18 Nov 2011

Are you Cheap or Frugal? Take our quiz to find out.

I love getting a good deal. Buy one-get one free. Double store coupons. Generics as good as or better than the brand name. But some people equate an expensive price tag with a better product – you know, the “You get what you pay for” crowd.

Expensive is not necessarily an indication of quality, and a more expensive item may not be the best buy. AVAST has illustrated that with our award-winning avast! Free Antivirus. The free avast! product has proven it’s better quality again and again against paid-for antivirus products like the ones that come pre-installed on your computer. (Check out our interactive comparison to see for yourself)

Does clipping coupons or using avast! Free Antivirus make me cheap or does it make me frugal? (jump to our quiz at the bottom to find out if you're cheap or frugal)

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we’ll all be “making a list and checking it twice*” before venturing out to the shopping mall or clicking around in online stores to purchase presents for the loved ones. Black Friday, the day after the American Thanksgiving celebration, is said to be the busiest shopping day of the year. Brick and mortar stores will open at insanely early hours to offer “Doorbusters” to the early birds. I might just stand in line to score a 42” Sharp LCD TV for only $200! Does that make me cheap or frugal? (or crazy for shivering in line at 3AM waiting for the doors to open at 4?)

When it’s something that has value, like avast! Free Antivirus, or a big screen TV for dear old dad, then free or deeply discounted means a good deal for me. That’s the difference between being cheap or frugal. Cheapskates only consider the price tag. They will always buy the cheapest thing with the goal of keeping their money. Being frugal means making the best financial decisions I can, which means I want to maximize the use of my money. Sometimes that means spending more for better quality because over time the product holds up or it gives me a better experience. Sometimes it means not buying anything at all.

People who are cheap or frugal share some of the same characteristics. Here’s an unscientific quiz to help you figure out which one you are.

  1. When you eat fast food, which of the following do you do?
    1. Fast food?! I have a freezer full of stuff at home!
    2. Order from the dollar menu
    3. Take extra condiments and napkins home to use later
    4. Use a discount coupon clipped from the newspaper
    5. Fast food?! I only go to real restaurants!
  2. Your toothpaste tube will be empty soon. You
    1. Cut open the tube to scrap the last of it out
    2. Roll the bottom to squeeze most of the toothpaste to the top
    3. Use baking soda until you go the store again
    4. See an ad for buy one-get one free, so you stock up
    5. Toss it out and get a new one
  3. You saw a post-Halloween sale so you
    1. Ignore it, I keep the lights off on Halloween night
    2. Pick through the leftover kid’s costumes to buy for next year
    3. Buy discounted candy to put in the freezer for next year
    4. Buy invitations, party favors and gravestones at 75% off. Now you can afford a party next year!
    5. Bypass leftover orange and black Halloween stuff, go to the Christmas aisle for green and red M&Ms
  4. Autumn leaves cover your yard. You
    1. Ignore them and hope they’ll blow away
    2. Buy a rake and tell your kids they need some exercise
    3. Buy the last leaf blower on summer clearance
    4. Research leaf blowers online for the best option and purchase it with free delivery
    5. Hire a lawn care service
  5. You are planning the annual family holiday meal. You
    1. Ask your sister/brother/aunt/mother what time you should arrive
    2. Tell everyone it’s a potluck this year and you’ll supply the ice
    3. Buy frozen food and pre-made stuff from boxes
    4. Clip coupons and stock up on sale items now
    5. Start interviewing caterers
  6. Your antivirus protection has expired. You
    1. Let it lapse and cross your fingers next time you download illegal movies
    2. You renew the one you have because you don’t have time to bother with it
    3. You click a banner ad for a cheap antivirus and end up with rogue software
    4. A friend highly recommends avast! Free Antivirus, so you download it and live happily ever after
    5. You buy the most expensive product you can because if it’s expensive it must be good

Mostly 1s - CHEAPSKATE: You are so concerned about saving money that you are getting obsessed. Loosen up and enjoy life a little!

Mostly 2s – CHEAPIE : You like nice things, but you would never pay full price for anything. You find bargains on clearance, but sometimes you’re disappointed.

Mostly 3s - BARGAIN HUNTER: The word "SALE" is irresistible. You love hunting down a great deal. But you buy things that you never use or don’t like, just because they are on sale.

Mostly 4s - SMART COOKIE: You are artfully frugal. You do your research to balance quality and cost against your budget. You rarely buy things you don't need, and you stock up when something is extra cheap.

Mostly 5s – BIG SPENDER: You could benefit from being more conscientious about your money. Start by switching your expensive, ineffective antivirus to avast! Free Antivirus or take advantage of an avast! Black Friday special coming in just 7 days!

* This lyric comes from the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!” which you can watch for free on YouTube

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