5 questions with Fabricia, our 160,000,000th avast! user registration

Julia Szymańska 10 Nov 2011

5 questions with Fabricia, our 160,000,000th avast! user registration

Fabricia, our famous 160 millionth avast! user registration from Brazil, is coming to Prague with her husband! :) We at AVAST Software are all excited about their visit and looking forward to hosting them here – especially since it turns out that we are inadvertently sponsoring their honeymoon. :)

I decided to ask them a few questions before the trip, just to see what their expectations were.

1. Have you ever won any valuable prize before?

Fabricia: No, neither Eder (new husband) nor I have ever been awarded with any prize whatsoever.

2. How does it feel to be the 160,000,000th avast user registration? :)

Receiving the email notification that we won a trip to Prague was initially a huge surprise. At the beginning, I thought it was a scam message. However, after confirming that it wasn’t spam, we were very happy… even euphoric. Especially since, as I just mentioned, it was the first time I actually won something and that the value of this award is outstanding. On top of that, we were planning to get married, so we agreed that this trip would be slightly postponed so it could be our honeymoon. We are sooooooo happy and looking forward to it.

3. What do you expect from the trip?

Our expectations are the best possible, and we are anxious to meet AVAST people. We’ve also heard that Prague is incredibly beautiful and we will have an opportunity to visit many interesting places.

4. Is it your first trip to Europe?

Yes, this will be our first time in Europe. In fact, it will be our first trip abroad! Until this, we’ve only had the opportunity to visit Brazilian cities.

5. What do you imagine Prague to be like?

From the pictures we’ve seen, we believe it will be a beautiful historical city. We are excited about sightseeing and taking photos of those places we’ve seen online so far. We want to record every moment and every place we will visit. We would like to bring back souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. Also, we have to consider the temperature differences. For Brazilians like us (in Valadares, where we live, the average temperature is 35 degree), Prague is city of low temperatures :), which has prompted us to seek the right clothes.

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