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September 22nd, 2011

Record high Google Search Share for AVAST

My daughter went on a week-long school trip today morning. She and 30 other kids will visit Switzerland, France and Germany. It is school trip in Europe by bus and that means leaving early to avoid the traffic. I brought her to school at 5:30 am (yes, ‘am’ means morning!) and since our office is close by and it takes me 30 minutes to drive home … I figured I could just as well go to work early and avoid the traffic jam later.

5:30 is an inhumanly early time and I might need to start drinking coffee again to stay awake till lunch time. On the positive side, I had some time to finish couple of past-due tasks. One of them is to update the Google Share of Search Report. This is based on Google Trends and we use it to have an idea what antivirus brands people are searching for. The good news for AVAST is that we are clearly the most searched-for security brand with a 36% share and growing. The attached chart shows that after the spike of interest in March 2011 following the launch of version 6.0, AVAST is now back to the high share level we had during the launch.

Having the extra time on my hands this morning, I also looked at the country details. I find it interesting that there are a number of countries where Google users search only for AVAST and no other antivirus brand!  For example in Latvia, Uruguay, Panama, Ghana, Dominican Republic, and my favorite (since the DreamWorks movie release) Madagascar. In all of those countries, AVAST has 100% search share!  Thank you!

Where do the other security brands rule? Well, I have to say no other brand has a single country with a 100% share but the mix is still interesting:

-          Among all countries, AVG has the highest search share in Puerto Rico (55%) and in Hong Kong (45%)

-          For Avira, Indonesia (44%) is the highest share country ahead of its home-town base in Germany (31%)

-          Microsoft’s Security Essentials scores the highest in Denmark (22%)

-          ESET does extremely well in Moldova (83%) and at home in Slovakia (53%)

-          McAfee has the highest share of search in Singapore (14%)

-          Singapore is also the highest ranking country for Symantec (17%)

-          Norton has the highest share in New Zealand (34%)

-          And last but not least,  Kaspersky is the most searched for antivirus brand in Sri Lanka (31% )

I’m not sure what all of this means as I’m not fully awake. But I’m certain that tomorrow morning I will sleep late and I will also propose to my family that we take a summer holiday in the Dominican Republic. Sandy beaches and many AVAST users to talk to must be a good combination!

  • thomas

    I hate norton it is buggy and it makes your computer slow but in new zeland theres a lot of norton releated advitising
    Avast rules
    others just suck :)

  • boudjemaa

    oui avast pour tous le monde pas de difirense entre arabe et non arabe j’ai senti ça bonne acceiel avast gratuit pour tous le monde j’aime bien que mes frères arabes surtout les algèriens et les algèriennes se raproche pour avast il aime les algèriens mes amis a oran a alger a annaba amostaganem a constantine a tizi ouzou a bouira a batna a relizane de se raprochez pour avast vous aurez un l’ogiciel d’avast tout option gratuit allez tous ensemble pour le soutien de avast

  • emmmanuel ogbonna iroha

    i am recently introduced to avast,there4 i cant really give detailed recommendation

  • Kunal

    I’m curious. What was the most sought after AV in India. My guess would be Norton but Kaspersky is catching up thanks to its multi-PC licensing deals. I’m a big AVAST fan because of its small footprint and reassuring interface. There’s not a lot I can say about algorithms you guys use since I’m no coder but I’ve been safe for years on the free version and now on Internet Security, since I felt it was time to pay back.

  • Milos Korenko

    Actually I don’t have the up-to-date now (I’m not in the office) but already last year in October 2010 AVAST had the highest search share. QH was strong. AVG and Kaspersky as well but AVAST was the highest
    I will look at it tomorrow in office ;)

  • neo

    google is not popular everywhere, such as in Japan, yahoo is most popular search engine

    do you consider it ?

  • Milos Korenko

    Correct Neo. In Russia it is Yandex. In Czech republic it is Seznam. In China Baidu. I didn’t check the Seznam or Baidu, but I did retreive the stats from Yandex and the search share for antvirus brands in both Yandex and Google are pretty much the same.

  • neo

    Milos Korenko :
    Correct Neo. In Russia it is Yandex. In Czech republic it is Seznam. In China Baidu. I didn’t check the Seznam or Baidu, but I did retreive the stats from Yandex and the search share for antvirus brands in both Yandex and Google are pretty much the same.

    BRIC: a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. It is typically rendered as “the BRICs” or “the BRIC countries” or alternatively as the “Big Four”.
    why they are not involved in your analysis?

  • Milos Korenko

    Neo, they are. Even though Google doesn’t have majority search share in Russia, China or Czech rep., as far as I could say the share of Google is sufficient to be representative of the countries dynamics.
    Aside of that, AVAST search share in Brazil is 43%, India 23% and Russia 23%. (I don’t have stats for China now)

  • neo

    @Milos Korenko
    sure, you can not have the Google stats for China,because Google left China and could not come back yet, this matter pushed Baidu to be the first,and also help Microsoft to set up his search engine Bing in China.


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  • Olle

    Google trend numbers provided are BullS*. I see totally different numbers and for instance for Latvia Google trends shows that people search for NOD32 much more than for Avast.

  • Milos Korenko

    Olle, I did not mention any numbers for Latvia if I recall weel ;) And I did mention quite a few numbers for countries where ESET/Nod32 or other security brands have higher search share than AVAST. Btw. In Latvia NOD had indeed higher share than AVAST

  • narutom

    As I worked in China, Google numbers about some antivirus vs avast for Japan and China are serious error, I believe.
    Such as nod32, Nod32 had set up dealer network for several years and had lots of nod32 fans in China, but Google numbers do not show these.(Hong Kong number is right,I think)

    If you wants to get the marketing information ,Suggest you try Yahoo and Baidu numbers or local AV forum posts.