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September 14th, 2011

Is free antivirus only for the poor?

Is free security only for the poor in developing countries?  Well let’s look at what the users think.

When AVAST users install the free antivirus, we use this opportunity to collect some research data on various subjects.   This particular research was based on over one hundred thousand responses collected during the last couple weeks. So, it is pretty solid data.

The question itself is simple:

How do you rate the level of protection offered by avast! Free Antivirus?

Contrary to what you might think, the result shows that free antivirus is equally appealing to users in developing as well as developed countries.  Actually, it also seems that the more rich a country is, the likelier its users are to choose free antivirus.    See the chart.

Note on the research:

The scale for the answer goes from 0 to 10 – from Very Poor to Excellent. The data was only collected from users who have  been using avast! Free Antivirus for at least 1 year.  This excludes users who really don’t have much firsthand experience with avast!.  Moreover, I only listed countries where we have significant coverage with a multi-million strong user base.


  • sumanta adhikari

    I think avast should take different rate according to poor or developed country.Low rate in poor country and high rate in developed country.This will help in registration(upgrade) of avast by every avast user.

  • Владимир из Ульяновска

    Я зарегистрировался и установил бесплатную антивирусную программу AVAST!Free Antivirus на год.Мне это посоветовал мой друг с Украины Владимир Соколов из Кривого Рога,Днепропетровской области,страны Украина.Я живу в Ульяновске,страна Россия.Год назад я купил ноутбук Samsung NP-R430 с установленным антивирусником McAfee.Срок действия прошёл и мне пришлось поставить антивирусник от Windows версии MSE.Но,антивирусник сырой.И пришлось перейти на Ваш АVAST!Я пенсионер и мне Ваш антивирусник очень подходит.Банковских карт я не имею,да и в продаже у нас в Ульяновске вашего антивирусника нет.И о нём очень мало людей знает.Спасибо Вам за AVAST!

  • Terry M.

    I have been using AVAST for 5 years and have never had a virus problem that wasn’t detected immediately and dealt with before there was any damage.

  • darren conway

    I have 60 days free mcfee anti virus on my pc but when it expires I will be coming back over to AVAST but I think I will go for the next one up from the free version this time, allthough the free version seemed very good when I 1st used it a year ago. I was new to computers then but after using one for a year now I understand how important protection is.

  • suman

    I have been using Avast for past three years and I am totally satisfied with its service. I especially love the Boot time scan option and it works great.

  • spg SCOTT

    Is free antivirus only for the poor?

    No. Of course not.

    The word “Free” is global, it appeals to anyone. :)

  • Dim@rik

    /// Владимир из Ульяновска ///

    Не несите чушь…все продается и все про Аваст знают…извините но вы “не в теме”.

  • grinch

    it depends how do you use the word poor; usually the average pc skills in rich countries it’s somewhere between very poor-poor-good; then when they decide to install an antivirus they seek an expert advice or someone trustworthy(more skilled then them), then those(like me, trustwhorty and a little expert :D)advise them to use avast, since it has a good ui for them, and also alot of features for both average an expert users.

  • Ker@mid

    to Dim@rik:
    читай внимательно пост, Дымарик: человек пишет что пенсионер. Какая тут уж “в теме”?!
    А аваст классная штука, мне он нравится.
    Дотупностью прежде всего.

  • Czek Rathod

    AVAST !! My Trust remains AT TOP on u …frm last 3 years … I m using it from 3 yrs still no problem ,, tHNX TO developers for making available such wonderful antivirus free for home use…

  • bassc

    Just out of interest, was there any compensation for the difference in population between these countries?

  • Alex

    I’ve been using Avast! for the past 2 years. I really don’t know much about computers or anti virus products. This was recommended by my brother who is really good with this sort of stuff. I have never had a problem, and happily recommend to anyone who asks.

  • Tech

    I wish I could convince the ones who say the avast protection is not good. Sorry for them: completely misinformed.

  • Rych

    Jak widać wszyscy chwalą Avasta a ja mam ciągle z nim problem
    przez SMS dostałem klucz licencyjny za który zapłaciłem ponad 25 zł Avast popracował miesiąc i wyskakiwał monit By aktualizować Avasta za 70 zł, niestety jestem na marnej rencie i nie stać mnie na dodatkowy wydatek 70zł na rok za Avasta co i tak w sumie wychodzi około 100zł.
    Teraz przez zarejestrowanie darmowego Avasta na rok dostałem nowy klucz licencyjny i “Twoja rejestracja darmowego oprogramowania avast! zakończyła się sukcesem.” tylko ja tego sukcesu nie widzę, bo Avast dalej nie chroni mojego komputera. Można by zainstalować Avasta od nowa tylko znowu problem by odinstalować poprzedniego itd itd. i jakie ja mam mieć zdanie o tym produkcie pomyślcie sami.

  • Dave F

    I have been using AVAST since 2003 and still using it and continue recommending it to my friends and family. I only recommend AVAST. Avast is the best antivirus I’ve ever had. Thank you very much Avast for a job very well done…

  • Milos Korenko

    Rych, sorry my Polish is not so good so in English. AVAST does not sell license keys vis SMS. Where did you buy it? Second, please uninstall what ‘avast’ you have on your machine and please download here: avast! Free Antivirus.

  • Guy Perreault

    I have been very satisfied with Avast for several years. However the latest version seem to slow my computer considerably. Particularly when I stream video, the screen freezes for several seconds. Can this be improved?

  • Cahya

    Well, I am on developing country, and for more than 5 years using avast, I say, avast! is great! :).

  • Milos Korenko

    @Guy Perreault
    Between version 5 and 6? That is awkward. I’m not aware of any change that could have impacted this performance.

  • Pat

    I am a PC Tech, and I recommend the free version to anyone I bump into. I actually prefer it over the paid-for version, simply because it is clean and lighter on system resources. Please keep Avast’s memory footprint small! Thanks for a great product.

  • lu


  • Paul Narraway

    I have been using Avast for two years now and I am very pleased with it. I would also say that I would contribute to the running of Avast if I could pay say £10 as a donation like Spybot Search and Destroy

  • Roksa

    I am from Poland. Love you! You are protect my computer at the moment! LOVE YOU!

  • Даниил

    пользуюсь Avast Free 6 очень доволен даже бесплатная версия выполняет почти все функции которые у некоторых антивирусов доступны только в платных версиях защита на высоте! так держать!

  • http://www.googlelt. raimondas

    prieš du metus buvo instaliuotos įvairios antivirusinės net nepamenu pavadinimų.du kartus teko kreiptis į kompiuteriais prekiaujančią ir prižiūrinčią savo parduotą produkciją,kad sutvarkytu mano PC,o kai draugas instaliavo prieš metus nemokamą Avast pasibaigė problemos,ji man patiko paprasta naudotis,gal kiek ir priekabesnė Avast,bet tai tik pliusas-kuris parodo kad jis veikia nepriekaištingai,gaila kad mokamos brangokos versijos,bet aš taupau ir mastau įsigyti pilną mokamą Avast versiją. Ąš manau jeigu kainuotu ji 50LT.arba 15EUR.tai daugiau pirktų nei naudotusi nemokama programa ir pinigų žymiai daugiau susirinktu ,bei būtu dar labiau populeresnė… Ačiū Avast kūrėjams.

  • boudjemaa

    j’ai bien dit que mon ami avast très intilligent parceque il as penser a nous les pouvres il a fait ses l’ogicieles gratuit pour nous les pouvres mille merci a avast le dieu le protege pour tous le monde

  • Алекс Успенский

    Спасибо! Пользуюсь более трёх лет бесплатными версиями и очень доволен. Конечно же, я задумывался о покупке, только оплата с банковской карты не всегда приемлема!

  • http://yahoo oliur rahman

    i like avast antivirus becose your free survise is good.thank for a great product.well, i am a developing country and for more than 5 years using avst, i say avast is great